Cavallo Trek Boot | BOD2917 | Greenhawk

Cavallo Trek Boot

Product Code : BOD2917

Price: $92.30

  • Providing comfort and support for your equine, the Trek boot is breathable, tear-proof and abrasion-resistant with a pro mesh material that does not contain glue or adhesive. Its honeycomb design optimizes strength and minimizes weight while the pull tab and soft foam collar provide convenience and comfort. Featuring a patented RES replaceable Velcro closure system, this boot will last longer while providing optimal visibility with its reflective detailing. Sold individually.

    • Breathable
    • Tear Proof
    • Abrasion Resistant
    • Honeycomb Design
    • RES Replaceable Velcro Closure System
    • Reflective Detailing
    • Sold individually