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Back On Track Equine Knee Wraps

Product Code : BOD2910

Sale: $32.30
Reg. $53.84

  • Consisting of a neoprene exterior, the interior of the Back on Track Knee Wrap is infused with Welltex® therapeutic fabric which absorbs the energy produced by the body into ceramic minerals in the fabric’s threads and translates it back to the body as Far Infrared energy waves, helping to increase circulation and promote supple joints in the tough-to-wrap knee area. 

    Contoured to the shape of the knee, the boot fastens with two Velcro straps, allowing you to easily adjust the fit. When using these boots, it helps to use standing wraps to prevent them from sliding down.

    • Neoprene exterior
    • Infused with Welltex® technology
    • Helps increase circulation
    • Contoured to the shape of the knee
    • Fastens with two Velcro adjustable straps