Back on Track Mini Blanket 50x68cm | BLS0149 | Greenhawk

Back on Track Mini Blanket 50x68cm

Product Code : BLS0149

Price: $46.15

  • Back On Track’s Welltex® technology is a therapeutic fabric which helps increase the micro-circulation of the blood and oxygen delivery. When a Welltex® product is used, the energy produced by the body is absorbed by the ceramic minerals in the fabric’s thread and translated back to the body as Far Infrared energy waves.

    This blanket is perfectly portable and keeps you comfortable on hard bleachers and stadium seats for longer; perfect for spectating a class or rejuvenating after a long day of showing. Or share it with your dog after a long, adventurous walk.

    • Infused with Welltex® technology
    • Increases microcirculation of the blood and oxygen delivery
    • Far Infared energy waves
    • Perfect for spectating or sharing with your dog

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