Shedrow Lightweight Shoulder Bib | BLD1742 | Greenhawk

Shedrow Lightweight Shoulder Bib

Product Code : BLD1742

Price: $19.22

  • Designed to help prevent blanket rubs, the Shedrow Lightweight Bib can be worm under any sheet or turnout.  Protects shoulders, chest and withers.  When properly fitted, the top strap of the sheet or turnout can be passed through the loop, and the label and all seams should be on the outside.  This bib is machine washable for long lasting, repeated use.  Great for your sensitive skinned equine!

    • Helps prevent blanket rubs
    • Worn under any Sheet or Turnout
    • Protects shoulders, chest and withers
    • Machine washable
    • Great for sensitive skinned equines