Acavallo Sensitive Bit | BIE2105 | Greenhawk

Acavallo Sensitive Bit

Product Code : BIE2105

Price: $56.15

  • The Acavallo Sensitive Bit is made with an innovative and anti-allergenic plastic material with integrated, flexible steel cable reinforcement. The slightly arched and flattened mouthpiece allows for even pressure on the tongue, jaws and corners of the horse’s mouth. This soft, yet effective bit helps to instill confidence in both heavy and young horses and helps them to find their own balance. With two different rein placements, the rider is able to change the amount of leverage and pressure applied to the mouth and poll.

    • Slightly arched and flattened mouth piece
    • Soft, flexible mouth piece
    • Integrated steel cable reinforcement
    • Two rein placement options for easy leverage control
    • Helps to instill confidence and balance