Sprenger CM Loose Ring Mullen Mouth 16MM Bit | BIE2095 | Greenhawk

Sprenger CM Loose Ring Mullen Mouth 16MM Bit

Product Code : BIE2095

Price: $145.38

  • The Sprenger Comfort Mouth Loose Ring Mullen Mouth is ported to ensure no steady pressure is exerted onto the tongue. Suitable for horses with fleshy tongues or tongue vices, the port allows greater relief for the tongue and will only apply pressure when stronger contact is taken on the reins. Loose rings ensure pressure is transmitted directly onto the lower jaw without leverage action on the poll. Crafted from Sprenger’s Sensogan ® metal alloy, this bit has a low copper content that increases salivation while remaining easy to clean and shine.

    • Port prevents steady pressure from being applied on the tongue
    • Transmits pressure to the lower jaw
    • Sensogan® metal alloy encourages salivation

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