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Supra Fashion Collection Grooming Package

Product Code : PKG0069

Sale: $23.07
Reg. $42.25

  • Add some glam to your grooming routine with the Supra Fashion Grooming Package! This package contains a set of brushes and a Shedrow Ring Tote to neatly organize and transport your grooming items. This set comes in a variety of pattern and colour options, which can be chosen at checkout.

    • GRO1020 – Shedrow Ring Tote
    • GRO4751 – Body Brush
    • GRO4753 – Dandy Brush
    • GRO4754 – Face Brush
    • GRO4755 – Hoof Brush
    • GRO4756 – Plastic Curry Comb
    • GRO4757 – Sweat Scraper
    • GRO4758 – Hoof Pick w/ Brush

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