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UnBelt Intrepid

Product Code : DRC9783

Price: $46.15

  • The more rugged, technical version of the Unbelt is made of recycled water bottles but still has the hallmarks of a traditional Unbelt: insanely comfortable, machine washable, travel-friendly, and really, really size-inclusive. The new recycled alloy buckle can be worn through airport security, and features the Unbelt’s traditional flat front for a seamless fit with clothes. A no-slip grip lines the belt, keeping it securely in place throughout all kinds of adventures. Also, every UnBelt features an adjuster that you can slide to your perfect, stretchy fit. Machine washable, even if forgotten in your belt loops. 

    With twin sewing studios in Shanghai, China and Edmonton, Canada, the makers of UnBelt visit their raw component suppliers twice every year and pride themselves on providing quality jobs and living wages.

    • More rugged, hardy, and technical version of the UnBelt
    • Made of recycled water bottles
    • Includes all the hallmarks of the traditional UnBelt: comfortable, machine washable, travel-friendly, and size inclusive
    • Recycled alloy buckle can be worn through airport security
    • Flat front for seamless fit with clothes
    • No-slip grip helps keep belt securely in place
    • An adjuster can be slid into the perfect fit
    • Conveniently machine washable in belt loops