Genouillère avec Velcro Back On Track

59,99 $
DRD2120 S

Thin and comfortable for all day wear while providing mild compression and basic support.

The Back on Track® Knee Brace is comprised of a Polyester/Welltex® infusion which provides mild compression, piping for basic support, one Velcro strap above the knee, and works with your body to stimulate circulation. Back On Track’s Welltex® technology is a therapeutic fabric for humans, horses, and dogs which can help increase the micro-circulation of the blood and oxygen delivery when worn against the skin. When a Welltex® product is used, the energy produced by the body is absorbed by the ceramic minerals in the fabric’s thread and translated back to the body as Far Infrared energy waves.

  • Polyester/Welltex®  infusion provides mild compression
  • Piping for basic support
  • Works with body to stimulate circulation
  • Velcro above the knee
DRD2120 S

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