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Myler Flat Shank W/ Sweet Iron Port Barrel Bit - Level 3

204,00 $
BIW2185 5

The Myler Level 3 Sweet Iron Ported Barrel Flat Shank is a stainless steel 7" Flat Shank with Sweet Iron Ported Barrel (MB 33, Level 3) Copper Inlay Mouth

  • Made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts
  • Harmless to horses - it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation
  • Features curved mouthpiece with tongue relief
  • Offers a variety of pressure points to take the horse as soft as possible
  • Uses mostly bar pressure, rolling on the bars
  • May offer palate pressure depending on port height
  • May use curb and/or poll pressure depending on the cheek or shank design
  • May offer Independent Side Movement™
BIW2185 5

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