Filet à spatules Flexi Mouth Metalab

69,99 $

Stainless steel half cheek snaffle bit with a plastic mouthpiece to offer an alternative to metal.

The Half Cheek Snaffle bit is a relative of the full cheek snaffle, offering an arm extending down the side of the cheek from the mouth. The Half Cheek Snaffle bit only has its lower arm and offers a spoon-shaped appearance. The Half Cheek Snaffle Bit helps to improve lateral action on a direct rein by putting pressure on the horse’s face when the rein is engaged. The half cheeks help to prevent the bit from sliding through the horse’s mouth and the arm extends towards the horse’s jaw to help keep it in place. Complete with durable, flexi-plastic mouthpiece to offer n alternative to metal bits. The Half Cheek Snaffle Bit if often used on driving or racehorses. 

  • Snaffle bit
  • Flexi plastic mouthpeice
  • Half cheek
  • Spoon-shaped appearance
  • Stainless steel

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