Mors Pelham joint Tom Thumb Metalab

69,99 $
BIE0012 5

Short-shanked pelham bit combines the features of a snaffle and curb.

The Metalab Tom Thumb Jointed Pelham Bit is designed to combine the effects of a snaffle and curb, helping to encourage the horse to bend at the poll through pressure applied by the curb rein. Crafted from a premium quality stainless steel for optimal durability. The single-jointed mouthpiece creates a nutcracker action to help prevent the horse from leaning on the bit. Featuring shorter shanks than a typical Pelham and complete with a curb chain.

  • Durable stainless steel
  • Single-jointed bit
  • Shorter shanks
  • Complete with curb chain
BIE0012 5

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