Trafalgar Square Horse Brain, Human Brain

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Learn about the human and equine brain in this book about the neuroscience of horsemanship.

Horse Brain, Human Brain investigates how horses and humans think, act and work together to provide a comprehensive look at the neuroscience of horsemanship. In this illuminating book, brain scientist and horsewoman Janet Jones strives to help humans understand the equine brain in order to meet horses on their terms instead of our own. Learn about human and horse neuroscience in order to reduce training time, improve performance and understand misbehaviour. Deepen your bond with your horse and learn to handle them with insight and kindness instead of force or command. Explore the differences and similarities between how humans and horses navigate the world with Horse Brain, Human Brain.

  • Investigate the relationship between the horse & human brain
  • Written by brain scientist & horsewoman Janet Jones
  • Reduce training time & improve performance
  • Deepen your bond with your horse
  • Understand the differences & similarities between human & equine brains