Quest Gel Dewormer 10.9 mL

19,99 $

Quest Gel Wormer: Contains: moxidectin. Treats: large and small strongyles (bloodworms), 1 type of bots, encysted small strongyle larvae in late stage 3+4 only, encysted small strongyles in early stage 3, remaining pinworms, ascarids (roundworms), hairworms, stomach worms. 10.9 ml. * Not available in the U.S.A., or some provinces.

This product is for equine use. This product is NOT designed for, approved for, or recommended in any way for human consumption. In light of recent media exposure relating to this product and COVID-19, and for further information, please review this Safety Alert posted by Health Canada about the dangers related to the use of veterinary Ivermectin in humans.,prevent%20or%20treat%20COVID%2D19.