Equifit Adjustable Heel Lift

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DRD6866 M
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Fully adjustable heel lifts to help alleviate pain in the back of the knee as your boots break in

EquiFit Heel Lifts are perfect for breaking in tall boots!  The lifts angle up into the heel of your boot giving you a lift so that the backs of your knees are not rubbed while you wait for your new boots to drop.  As the boots settle at the ankle, you can peel layers from the lifts to adjust the height.  These may also be useful for riders who have trouble finding a boot short enough.

  • Perfect for breaking in tall boots
  • Lifts angle up into the heel
  • Helps avoid backs of your knees being rubbed while waiting for boots to drop
  • Peel layers away from lifts to adjust the height
  • Also great for riders who have trouble finding short boots
DRD6866 M

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