Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Vanilla Cat Litter 14 L

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99% Dust-free, low tracking, sustainable litter made from recycled pea husks. 

Make the sustainable choice with Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Litter. Lightly vanilla scented, this cat litter is made from recycled pea husks that would otherwise get discarded. Pea husks are mixed with raw, food-grade materials such as starch, corn powder, and guar gum to create a natural clumping effect. The result is a beautiful and highly absorbent litter that clumps naturally without a speck of dust! This litter has an absorbency rate of up to 300% by using a unique pellet diameter of 1.5mm that makes for a much larger absorptive surface than most litters. The litter’s smooth, cylindrical pellets clump tightly and will not stick to the litter box or scoop. This litter is also extremely low tracking and 99% dust free. Pea husks are also naturally porous, creating pellets that seal in unwanted odours. Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Cat Litter is also very easy to handle thanks to its low weight – one liter of litter only weighs 400 grams. The vacuum sealed packages take up to 30% less space, reducing CO2 emissions during transportation and warehousing. Make the planet-friendly litter choice! 14 L.

  • Vanilla scented
  • Sustainable cat litter
  • Made from recycled pea husks
  • Up to 300% absorption rate
  • Tightly clumping
  • Low tracking
  • 99% Dust free
  • Porous to absorb odours
  • Low weight
  • Vacuum sealed
  • 14 L

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