Likit Equine Boredom Breaker


Horse toy that combines a Likit Holder and a play ball that accommodates two Little Likits

The Likit Boredom Breaker is a combination toy that includes a Likit holder and a robust ball with inserts for two Little Likits. The Boredom Breaker is one of Likit's more challenging toys and is ideal for experienced Likit users or horses that are particularly motivated by food. Ensure the ball is hung at wither height, well away from any walls to encourage the horse to lick rather than bite. Likit recommends using a salt-based Likit in the top Likit Holder, and using either one or twi Little Likits in the ball. As with the Tongue Twister, Likit recommends alternating both the flavours and the location of the ball regularly to keep the horse’s interest. This toy offers multidirectional movement and multiple challenge options. Edible Likits and Little Likits not included. Ships in assorted colours.

  • Combination horse toy
  • Likit holder and ball with inserts for two Little Likits
  • Difficult challenge level 
  • Great for food motivated horses or experienced Likit users
  • Multidirectional movement
  • Multiple challenge options
  • Likit and Little Likit treats not included
  • Difficult challenge level
  • Assorted colours

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