Sprenger Max Control D-Ring Double Jointed Snaffle 16mm

BIE0062NC5 1/4

D-ring bit featuring the Max Control system that locks into a straight bar when horse resists the contact

The Sprenger Max Control D-Ring Double Jointed Snaffle is a double jointed training or correction bit. At first glance, this bit cannot be distinguished from other double jointed snaffles. This bit lies quietly in the mouth when the horse is working properly. However, the mouthpiece locks at a certain angle and becomes a straight bar when necessary. When the horse opposes the rider's hand, the more intensive rigid effect occurs. The mouthpiece unlocks immediately when the contact gets softer. Allows direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw due to the fixed mouthpiece. The lateral contact helps horses that tend to fall out whilst riding or approaching an obstacle. D-rings measure 80mm in diameter. Mouthpiece measures 16mm thick. Made from stainless steel.

  • D-ring double jointed snaffle
  • Includes Max Control system
  • Double jointed mouthpiece locks into straight bar when needed
  • Unlocks immediately when contact softens
  • D-rings provide lateral contact through turns
  • D-rings measure 80mm in diameter
  • Mouthpiece measures 16mm thick
  • Stainless steel
BIE0062NC5 1/4

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