Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle Bit - 16 mm

BIE2084S95 1/4

Double jointed snaffle crafted from Sensogan® metal alloy features a unique rotated link

Suitable for a variety of disciplines and levels of expertise, the KK Ultra Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle transmits the pressure of the rein aids directly onto the tongue and the lower jaw without leverage action on the poll. The unique link is shorter than most double jointed links and is rotated 45° to the front to adapt to your horses oral anatomy. Crafted from Sprenger's Sensogan ® metal alloy, this bit has a low copper content that increases salivation while remaining easy to clean and shine.

  • Applies pressure to tongue and lower jaw
  • Unique link is shorter than typical bit links
  • Link is rotated 45° to adapt to horses anatomy
  • Sensogan® metal alloy encourages salivation
  • 16 mm diameter with 70 mm rings
BIE2084S95 1/4

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