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Bombers Classic Dee Segundo Bit
  • Bombers Classic Dee Segundo Bit

Bombers Classic Dee Segunda Bit

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Helps to encourage a light contact while alleviating tongue pressure

The Bombers Classic Dee Segundo Bit helps to encourage your horse to stay light to the contact as horses find it difficult to lean on the mouthpiece. Created from blue sweet iron for a warm, sweet taste, the curved mouthpiece helps to alleviate tongue pressure and maintain even pressure on the bars of the mouth, helping to prevent your horse in being able to put their tongue over the bit. The blue sweet iron oxides easily and helps to encourage salivation.

  • Created from blue sweet iron
  • Curved mouthpiece helps to encourage light contact with the mouth
  • Helps to offer space for the tongue and works to relieve pressure
  • Oxides easily
  • Offers a warm, sweet taste
  • Helps to encourage salivation
BIE0023NC5 1/4

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