Clipping 101

Clipping your horse doesn’t have to be stressful! Check out our tips to help you achieve the perfect clip!

The cleaner the horse, the easier the clip! If it isn’t warm enough to bathe your horse, make sure you groom them thoroughly before beginning to clip.

  1. Select the right clippers for the job! Heavy-duty or multi-purpose clippers are best suited for body clipping, whereas a lighter trimmer is perfect for more detailed work.
  2. Make sure your clipper blades are clean and sharp for a smooth clip. We love to have an extra pair of blades handy, just in case!
  3. Always clip against the direction of the hair to help ensure a smooth result.
  4. Keep your blades clean and oiled as you work to help them stay cool. 

Stay patient and relaxed to help make this a positive experience for your horse!