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We are searching for individuals who will own and operate their own franchise and bring excellent people and management skills to the opportunity.

Established in 1985, Greenhawk is a Canadian-owned family business, is Canada’s largest supplier of equestrian products, and is a growing retailer in the Canadian pet industry. Our focus as a family and company has always been long term. We recognize that successful business development requires the right people and to that end we have always focused heavily on the individuals (and often families) that we partner with as well as the amazing employees that make up our team. If you are a focused individual with drive to be the best you can be in your career and life, then we are seeking you out.

If you are looking for a lifestyle or career change, Greenhawk offers an excellent opportunity to shine in the world of equestrian sport. Equestrian retailing is a dynamic, fun and rewarding experience, and is ideal for the individual with strong equestrian experience who seeks a career in the horse industry. The ideal candidate will live the equestrian life and actively be involved in the industry.

We have three franchise offerings available:

  • Greenhawk
  • Bark & Fitz
  • Greenhawk & Bark & Fitz Combination (Ideal for Smaller Markets)

For an email brochure and application, please send an email to [email protected].

Please outline the opportunities that you are interested in, why you think a Greenhawk or Bark & Fitz franchise would be right for you, and tell us about yourself and your passion. Please let us know the location(s) you are interested in. A franchise package will be emailed to you.

We currently have opportunities available for Greenhawk franchises in the following areas:

  • Lethbridge, AB
  • Lloydminster, AB
  • Sault Ste Marie, ON
  • Ottawa/Hull Region, ON
  • Prince George, BC
  • Bromont, QC

Additional opportunities and locations are available across Canada and internationally. New store locations are ideally two hours or more away from existing Greenhawk stores.

Advantages include being heavily involved in the initial development of your store, the opportunity to make use of many of the same supply chain and marketing strategies that have made us so successful in the equine industry, and being able to take advantage of our private label programs and extensive supply network worldwide.

Greenhawk stores carry a complete array of inventory and are ideal for major and secondary markets across Canada. Your Greenhawk franchise should become the local hub for the equestrian community in your area and customers will often drive for long distances to shop. Stores are designed to have significant drawing power and are a major source of pride for the local equestrian community.

Greenhawk stores are designed for the individual with a strong equestrian background and a desire to seek a career in the horse industry. Stores are standalone and require a full-time commitment. Stores and setup are almost turnkey with the Franchisee playing a significant role in the process.

Become a Standalone Bark & Fitz Pet Franchisee

In 2015, the Greenhawk Group of Companies acquired Bark & Fitz, a pet specialty retailer focused on high quality pet food and pet lifestyle accessories. Greenhawk was already extensively involved in the pet industry with its successful line of Best Pet & Co. retail outlets and the addition of Bark & Fitz was a natural expansion. Moving forward, Best Pet & Co. locations are being re-branded under the Bark & Fitz banner and we are proud to offer Bark & Fitz franchising opportunities.

This is an exciting opportunity for the right individual. Over 10 years ago, we began franchising our Greenhawk equestrian business and developing of our first franchise. It was an exciting time as we both learned a new way of doing business and used our retail experience to grow this exciting new opportunity.

That same first Greenhawk franchisee now owns two locations and our store base has grown to over 44 locations across Canada. Several franchisees own more than one location and our brand has continued to grow and succeed in the Canadian marketplace.

The pet industry in Canada is both dynamic and competitive. We believe that there exists an opportunity to take the same passion we have developed in our equine business and implement it in the retail pet industry. The supply chain is in many cases the same or similar to both industries. We will combine our strong marketing team, home office infrastructure and experience with the enthusiasm and passion of our Bark & Fitz franchisees.

Combine Bark & Fitz and Greenhawk Equestrian into a Dual Standalone Business

In many secondary and smaller markets across Canada, an ideal opportunity exists to combine both a tack shop and a pet store for additional sales volume and efficiency in overhead. This is an ideal opportunity for the right individual with equine experience and a love of pets. In addition, a full dog grooming business can be incorporated into the location.

For many years we have seen a need in smaller communities for a tack shop. We get many requests. Combining a Bark & Fitz and Greenhawk equine store in one offers multiple efficiencies that a standalone store does not enjoy.

If you have been wondering about Greenhawk in your community or applied previously but been told the market was too small, our combination opportunity now reopens the door to a Greenhawk in your community.

  • Combine your love of horses with your love of pets
  • Ideal for smaller markets with an equestrian base
  • An efficient way to serve both unique markets