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Breyer Traditional Equidae Rainbow Decorator

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Meet the Breyer Fall Traditional Decorator Model - the Equidae Rainbow!

Meet the Breyer Fall Traditional Decorator Model - the Equidae Rainbow! The world of horses has always been a celebration, and this rainbow-coated stallion captures its beauty in a most colorful way! The magnificent equine is beloved around the globe, and the hundreds of breeds in existence today often show unique characteristics related to where their breed was developed and what they were originally bred for. Equidae's splashy pinto coat is a colorful array of hues, which hold some unique surprises. Hidden within Equidae's markings are 12 horses – 6 on each side. Can you find them all? His left side holds a wild Mustang, noble Kladruber, proud Arabian, curly-eared Marwari, powerful Shire, and a spirited Saddlebred. His right side carries the distinguished Andalusian, swift Standardbred, cheerful Shetland Pony, hardy Mule, and a sweet Thoroughbred mare and foal. Traditional, 1:9 scale. Ages 8+.

  • Fall 2021 Traditional Decorator model
  • Beautiful rainbow stallion
  • Markings depict 12 horses: Mustang, Kladruber, Arabian, Marwari, Shire, Saddlebred, Andalusian, Standardbred, Shetland Pony, Mule, and a Thoroughbred mare and foal
  • Traditional
  • 1:9 scale
  • Ages 8+

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