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Mondega Tack


The Mondega Padded Jumper Bridle with Figure 8 combines function with great looks. The padded figure 8 noseband and crown piece offer additional comfort, while holding the function of the figure 8 noseband. Detailed in accent stitching, this fine leather bridle boasts durable hardware, precision stitching and superior craftsmanship.

  • Detailed Accent Stitching
  • Durable Hardware
  • Padded Figure 8 Noseband
  • Precision Stitching ‘
  • Superior Craftsmanship

Item #:RIE3833
Reg. $206.67     SALE: $177.04

Mondega Belly Protector Girth New from Mondega™ Chocolate, elastic at both ends.

Item #:RIE3834
Reg. $184.44

Mondega Dressage Bridle w/ Padded Crown & Crank Noseband Beautifully crafted in rich Black English Sedgewick's leather, the Mondega Dressage bridle features 14 stitches per inch snd first class hardware and craftsmanship. Featuring a padded crank noseband and padded browband this bridle is show quality with meticulous attention to detail, rich hand scoring and the world's most exceptional sporting product.

Item #:RIE5152
Reg. $221.48

The Mondega Elastic Breastplate is a great option for both the show ring and training ring!  This breastplate features a removable running martingale attachment and coordinates well with our extensive line of Mondega tack.

  • Training or showing
  • Removable running martingale attachment
  • Coordinates with Mondega tack

Item #:RIE3841
Reg. $169.63

The Mondega Browband is created with stunning Square Swarovski Crystals. Mondega's brilliant and affordable browbands use genuine Swarovski crystals that guarantee maximum brilliance along with fine English leather from the famed Sedgwick's tannery in Walsall, England. Sure to be a hit in any circle.

  • Genuine Swarovski Crystal
  • Quality English Leather
  • Brilliant And Affordable
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship

Item #:RIE3929
Reg. $59.25

Mondega Padded Fancy Stitched Bridle A stunning bridle created from fine Sedgwick's leather with unique fancy stitching on the nose and browband. Superior craftsmanship and detailing the padded nose and crown coupled with hand burnished edging, precision stitching and attention to detail make this bridle perfect for the show ring.

Item #:RIE5201
Reg. $191.85     SALE: $154.81

The Mondega Draw Reins are a great training tool for any discipline.  These rope draw reins with snaps easily attached to a variety of tack and equipment for easy use on a variety of mounts!

  • Rope draw reins
  • Snap ends
  • Attach easily

Item #:RIE5202
Reg. $96.29

Finely crafted from fine leather, Mondega Stirrup Leathers feature solid buckle hardware, precision stitching and exceptional attention to detail.

  • Solid buckle hardware
  • Precision stitching

Item #:RIE6368
Reg. $88.88

Designed to encourage a gradual build up of the topline muscles with balance, the Mondega Lunging System incorporates a variety of ropes that attach to a surcingle (not included). When attached, your horse will be encouraged to step under himself while traveling forward. The Mondega Lunging system can be used in four different arrangements based on the training level and fitness of your horse.

  • Encourages a gradual buildup of the topline muscles
  • Encourages balance of the horse
  • Can be used in four different arrangements
  • Can be adjusted to fit different training levels and fitness of your horse

Item #:RIE6365
Reg. $103.70

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