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Everything your little one needs to get in the saddle at a fantastic price.

When you’re looking for your child’s first set of riding gear, The Back to Lessons package has everything your little one needs to get in the saddle at a fantastic price. This package deal is also great for young riders who show and need a set of schooling equipment that won’t break the bank. Select products allow your child to choose their favourite color for a personalized touch. Package includes one pair of each breeches, gloves, paddock boots, and half-chaps, along with a helmet and a crop.

  • Full set of schooling gear at a fantastic price
  • Package includes: breeches, gloves, paddock boots, half-chaps, helmet and crop

Item #:DRC0081
Reg. $177.73     SALE: $125.92

Our Braiding Gift Pack comes complete with everything you need to make the perfect braid! This gift pack is a great idea for any avid rider who enjoys showing.

  • Braiding elastics
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Supra mane and tail brush
  • Aluminum pulling comb
  • Pull through braiding hook
  • Band and braid cutter
  • Seam rippers
  • Braiding comb

Item #:GRO4516
Reg. $21.57     SALE: $12.59
Everything you need from A to F to look sharp for your first dressage test.

The Dressage Show Package has all your dressage show essentials available in a convenient package to save you money! Whether you are a junior rider or a seasoned pro, this package has everything you need to get show ring ready. Package includes the following items (sizes to be selected at checkout):

  • Bib Front Stock Tie (DRD0971)
  • Auken Ravenna Field Boots (DRB7943)
  • Coach House Show Horse Stock Pin (JEW1270)
  • Elation All Purpose Summer Gloves (DRC0492)
  • Elation Platinum Full Seat Breeches (DRC7584)
  • Elation Platinum Show Jacket (DRC6935)
  • Elation Platinum Wrap Collar Show Shirt (DRC7594)

Item #:DRC0421
Reg. $465.14     SALE: $310.37
A fun and colourful grooming kit that is soft in your hands but tough on dirt!

A fun and colourful grooming kit that is soft in your hands but tough on dirt! The Soft Touch Grooming Kit comes with a variety of grooming essentials, all part of the Soft Touch collection, to make grooming comfortable and easy! Kit comes with 8 of the following grooming tools:

  • Supra Rubber Curry Comb (GRO4351)
  • Supra Small Grooming Caddy (GRO4785)
  • Supra Soft Touch Dandy Brush (GRO4565)
  • Supra Soft Touch Face Brush (GRO4567)
  • Supra Soft Touch Flexi Body Brush (GRO4568)
  • Supra Soft Touch Hoof Pick With Brush (GRO4563)
  • Supra Soft Touch Mane & Tail Comb (GRO4562)
  • Supra Soft Touch Sweat Scraper (GRO4561)

Item #:PKG0080
Reg. $42.53     SALE: $22.21

This package is perfect for hitting the trails!  Includes:

  • Supra Felt Lined Cinch
  • Reinsman Cut Back Saddle Pad
  • Western Saddle Cover
  • Supra Synthetic Western Saddle
  • Weaver Nylon Browband Headstall
  • Weaver Poly Roper Reins - 3/8 inch

Item #:PKG0002
Reg. $384.38     SALE: $325.19

Mondega Renata Saddle Package

Item #:PKG0055
Reg. $1,757.74     SALE: $1,480.74

Noble Wave Fork Package

Item #:PKG0093
Reg. $50.34     SALE: $48.14
Everything your child needs for their first short-stirrup show.

Developed for the junior competitor, the Junior Show Package ensures you will be looking your best for competition. Created with all of the key pieces required for junior competition, including Jodhpurs and Jodhpur knee straps, this package ensures you will look your best. Package includes (size options available at checkout):

  • Auken Nouvelle II Zip Paddock Boots (FTW0012)
  • Elation All Purpose Summer Gloves (DRC0492)
  • Elation Platinum Show Jacket - Kids'(DRC6936)
  • Elation Platinum Wrap Collar Show Shirt (DRC7595)
  • Elation Red Label Jodhpur (DRC7580)
  • Val du Bois Leather Jodhpur Knee Straps (DRC6878)

Item #:PKG0039
Reg. $238.47     SALE: $162.22

Created for the junior competitor, the Pippa package includes contents sized right for the junior rider and their mount. The Pippa saddle is offered in smaller seat to fit the junior competitor properly. Whether riding weekly or competing, this package will meet the needs and sizing you require.

Item #:RIE3964
Reg. $1,135.52     SALE: $962.22

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