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Finish Line


Contains Vitamin B1, Calcium and Magnesium.

Item #:SUV8743
Reg. $8.14     SALE: $6.92

Promotes healthy energy levels in the horse. Gel construction for easy oral administration.

  • Promotes Healthy Energy Levels
  • Oral
  • Gel

Item #:SUV8734
Reg. $14.81     SALE: $12.59

Finish Line Muscle Tone 4.25lb

Item #:SUV8722
Reg. $59.25     SALE: $50.36

Supports healthy joints, hooves and gastrointestinal system. Supports normal hydration and healthy blood parameters.

Item #:SUV8721
Reg. $85.18     SALE: $72.40

Recommended to promote healthy muscle growth, development and function in horses.

Item #:SUV8720
Reg. $34.81     SALE: $29.59

Supports muscle and joint health after strenuous training and competition.

Item #:SUV8719
Reg. $29.62     SALE: $25.18

Essential for metabolizing carbohydrates, while allowing your horse to feel more focused and at ease, Finish Line Vitamin B1 contains 8000mg/lb of thiamine mononitrate in powder form. Additionally, this powder is created in an apple flavour that your horse will love.

  • Metabolizes carbohydrates
  • Contains 800mg/lb of thiamine mononitrate
  • Powder form
  • Apple flavoured 

Item #:SUV8118
Reg. $70.36     SALE: $59.81

Promotes healthy joint function in horses

Item #:SUV8116
Reg. $37.03     SALE: $31.47

Replacement to help prevent dehydration, replenish electrolytes and aid appetite and water consumption. Contains no dyes or sugars. Due to the size and weight of this item, additional shipping charges may apply.

Item #:SUE7601
Reg. $18.51     SALE: $14.81

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