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Made in the beautiful tradition Curvon Baker pattern, this lunge line is created with the finest most dependable materials to last through the toughest training sessions.

Item #:HOR5154
Reg. $44.44

Our Lunging package offer equestrian’s all of the components required to lunge. Offering you all of the proper tools at one conveniently low price, choose from an array of colours to customize your lunging look.

Item #:PKG0009
Reg. $53.31     SALE: $44.44

The Mondega Lunging Package is a complete lunging set, designed to help your horse get in shape!

Set includes:

  • DRG0851 Lunge Whip P.V.C.
  • HOR0012 Shedrow Lunge Line W/Snap
  • HOR5003 Nylon Training Surcingle
  • RIE6365 Mondega Lunging System

Item #:PKG0068
Reg. $168.12     SALE: $103.70

Designed to encourage a gradual build up of the topline muscles with balance, the Mondega Lunging System incorporates a variety of ropes that attach to a surcingle (not included). When attached, your horse will be encouraged to step under himself while traveling forward. The Mondega Lunging system can be used in four different arrangements based on the training level and fitness of your horse.

  • Encourages a gradual buildup of the topline muscles
  • Encourages balance of the horse
  • Can be used in four different arrangements
  • Can be adjusted to fit different training levels and fitness of your horse

Item #:RIE6365
Reg. $103.70

Professionally engineered training surcingle made of durable nylon with felt padding. The rings and dees are correctly positioned for attaching training aids. Girth adjusts on both sides to equalize pressure. Ideal for most schooling need

Item #:HRM0026
Reg. $29.62

The Shedrow 3 Weave Lunge Line is a great addition to your lungeing equipment with its exceptional style and design with a two-toned stripe pattern. Features padding for a comfortable feel with a swivel snap and loop end.

  • Two-Tone
  • Padded
  • Swivel Snap
  • Loop End

Item #:HOR0011
Reg. $23.70

With brass chain and snap. Yellow

Item #:HOR0014
Reg. $24.44

The Shedrow Lunge Line with snap comes in a 1 inch thickness, 30 foot length, and features a solid snap for easy connectivity and durability all season long.

  • 1 inch thick
  • 30 feet long
  • Solid snap

Item #:HOR0012
Reg. $18.51

Nylon, synthetic lunging cavesson with comfortable, thick fleece noseband. Sizes: Cob and Full.

Item #:HOR5015
Reg. $25.92

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