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Chifney Bit Snap 1 1/2" brass.

Item #:STN9474
Reg. $2.59

Open End 'Cold Shut' stainless steel 4 1/4".

Item #:STN9451
Reg. $1.47

Now you can repair a halter with a broken snap without having to use a sewing machine! This snap has a screw-in attachment bar, allowing you to slip it on to an existing nylon loop.

  • Screw in attachment bar
  • Slip on to existing nylon loop

Item #:STN9488
Reg. $5.92

Panic Snap brass.

Item #:STN9470
Reg. $5.92

This Brass Over Check Swivel Snap is a great multipurpose piece for using around the barn for horse and rider.

Item #:STN9486
Reg. $2.21

The brass swivel bolt snap allows you to easily hang a bucket or feeder around the barn or in the pasture.  

Item #:STN9483
Reg. $3.70

A brass swivel large bolt snap is great for use to hang buckets and feeders in the stall.  

Item #:STN9480
Reg. $5.18

Packed in a convenient re-sealable package. Three 1/4" and three 3/8" lengths in each package. Solid brass plain. Package of 6.

Item #:RIW3980
Reg. $2.96

Double End stainless steel nickel plated 4 1/2".

Item #:STN9450
Reg. $1.67

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