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Fly Veils & Ear Plugs

Nylon micro mesh fly mask shields from pesky flies and the sun's UV rays.

Perfect for fly season, the Cashel Crusader Fly Mask features a patented three-hole cap to help eliminate forelock damage while ensuring ultimate comfort. Complete with soft coated nylon micro mesh to block 70% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and helps to protect the soft tissues of the eyes and forehead.

  • Patented 3 Hole Cap
  • Soft Coated Nylon Micro Mesh
  • Blocks 70% of the Sun’s Damaging UV Rays
  • Helps to Protect the Soft Tissues of the Eyes & Forehead
  • Covers the ears and nose

Item #:HOR5012
Reg. $36.92

Cashel foam "corks" that go safely in your horse's ears to aid in clipping, bathing and trailering. Also helpful in reducing distractions during trail riding, parades, hunting and in noisy arenas. Sizes: S - XL. Pair. *Will not Ship to The USA.

Item #:HOR5035
Reg. $12.30

Walsh Pull Out Sponge Ear Plugs. White. Pair.

Item #:HOR5037
Reg. $19.22

Produced using the same technology as human ear plugs, Equifit’s T-Foam Earplugs conform to the horse’s ear canal creating a strong seal, eliminating nearly all noise. T-Foam earplugs are heat reactive, softening with body temperature and become more comfortable with use. These earplugs provide the ultimate in comfort and performance for your horse allowing them to stay calm and relaxed in loud or distracting situations.

  • Can Be Trimmed to Fit the Ear Canal if Necessary
  • Produced Using the Same Custom Fit Technology as Used in Human Ear Plugs
  • Heat Reactive

Item #:HOR5150
Reg. $8.45

Pull Out Neoprene Ear Plugs. Black. Pair.

Item #:HOR5036
Reg. $15.38
Features a corded rope inlay and a single row of crystals for exceptional elegance.

Stylish and durable, the Shedrow Deluxe Fly Veil is constructed with a crochet design for maximum breathability in or out of the show ring. Great for adding personal flair to your show ring look or for aiding in fly protection, this veil covers your horse’s ears for long-lasting coverage.  Features a corded rope inlay and a single row of crystals for exceptional elegance.

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Crochet
  • Corded Ropy Inlay
  • Single Row of Crystals
  • Stretch Ears

Item #:HOR5167
Reg. $34.61
Ideal to help keep pests off your horse's face and ears. Available in a variety of colours.

SHEDROW FLY VEIL This stylish top quality crochet fly veil is durable and breathable, finished in an array of colours. Gorgeously crafted and provides great fly protection.

Item #:HOR0020
Reg. $16.92

Shedrow Crochet Pony Fly Veil Made to fit ponies, our stylish crochet fly veil comes in great colours and is complete with contrast piping. Durable, breathable material.

Item #:HOR5147
Reg. $16.92
Indispensable earplugs for horses sensitive to sound.

Made of soft sheepskin, Fleeceworks Earplugs are indispensable for horses sensitive to sound. Not only for use while riding, earplugs are especially handy when clipping as they minimize the sound of the clippers while preventing small hairs from dropping into the ear canal. Attached thread for easy removal.

  • Minimizes sound
  • Prevent hairs from entering ear canal
  • Thread for easy removal
  • Sheepskin

Item #:HOR5174
Reg. $8.45

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