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Ideal for horses with sore or cold backs, therapeutic back pad uses state-of-the-art Weltex fabric to reflect the horse’s own body warmth. Fine ceramic powder embedded in the polyester fibres creates a soothing far-infrared thermal heat which can help alleviate pain due to inflammation. Perfect for either injury prevention or recovery, the pad can be used to help warm up your horse’s back, helping to loosen their muscles prior to your ride. Features a detachable Velcro strip for securing purposes, and can easily be sewn into a blanket.

  • For horses with sore or cold backs
  • Ceramic powder creates soothing far-infrared heat from horse’s own body warmth
  • Can help alleviate pain due to inflammation
  • Can help to loosen muscles


Item #:BLD1000
Reg. $59.25

Pamper your horse with this top quality Irish Weave anti-sweat sheet.

  • Unsurpassed cooling out properties
  • Traditional design of Curvon's luxurious cotton/poly blend anti-sweat sheet
  • Combines the best features from both American and European styles
  • Fashionable yet versatile, it can be used as a fly sheet during the summer months and a cozy blanket liner in the winter
  • Features two straight surcingles and a single front closure. 
  • Special Order

Item #:BLC1627
Reg. $103.70
Anti-sweat sheet ideal for cooling your mount after you ride.

Increased fleece weight and improved anti pilling properties make this anti-sweat sheet ideal for cooling your mount after you ride. Complete with nylon lined shoulders to reduce rubbing, crossed biased surcingles and two front straps for a great fit. 380gm weight fleece both looks and feels luxurious. Not intended for turnout.

  • Anti-sweat sheet ideal for cooling out
  • Nylon lined shoulders
  • Cross biased surcingles
  • Two front straps for closure
  • Sizes: XXS(60-62"), XS (64-68"), S (70-72"), M (74-76"),L (78-80"), XL (82-84")

Item #:BLC1653
Reg. $59.25     SALE: $44.44

An Excellent quality mid weight cooler, the Shedrow Fleece is excellent for daily cool out use. Designed with the heaviest weight fleece on the market makes for a luxurious feel and ensures long wear properties. An excellent all around value!

  • 460gm weight fleece
  • Anti-pilling
  • 1 inch nylon binding
  • Complete with all ties
  • One size fits most

Item #:BLC1634
Reg. $51.84
Elegant cooler with moisture management coating for superb wicking and cooling out properties.

The Shedrow Super Dry Cooler utilizes the newest and most advanced wicking technologies and coatings available making this an elegant, first class cooler or dress sheet. A “Moisture Management” coating from CIBA ensures superb wicking and cooling out properties. Ideal for spring, summer and fall or as a year round cooler it is a suitable show cooler but priced right for everyday use.

  • Velcro on the inside front flaps
  • Stretchy elastic inserts with backup strapping
  • Cross surcingles
  • Double donuts on the surcingle hardware
  • Doubled nylon front strap with tuck away tab
  • Double stitched binding for durability
  • Expert stitching at all stress points
  • Tail cord

This product and its pricing available online only through product of the week.

Item #:BLC0023
Reg. $59.25     SALE: $51.84

Suitable for the show circuit, the Supra Wool Cooler is perfect for daily use or can be embroidered for trophy purposes. This cooler is excellent for use at shows, during shipping and when a fitted cooler is preferred. It has excellent wicking and cooling out properties.

  • 85% wool and 15% synthetic blend
  • Increased durability and wear
  • Crossed biased surcingles
  • Double nylon front straps
  • Top quality hardware
  • Reinforced stitching at all stress points

Item #:BLC0021
Reg. $66.66

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