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Hoof Care


Absorbine Hooflex 709gms

Item #:HOO8712
Reg. $18.51

A deep-penetrating formula, designed to help maintain protection of the hoof.  Fortified with Nano technology to assist in fast delivery of nutrients and hoof cleansing ingredients.  Unlike most hoof products, Hoof Clear will not dry out the hoof and will help to retain the hoof's natural moisture barrier.

  • Deep-penetrating
  • Help maintain hoof protection
  • Fortified with Nano technology
  • Will not dry out hoof
  • Help retain moisture barrier

Item #:HOO1500
Reg. $8.88

Equi-Laurin is a coconut based liquid that helps horse owners manage the sanitary risks of crowded barns without exposing sensitive animals to harsh, synthetic chemical disinfectants.  This liquid delivers a concentrated form of biologically active lauric acid esters, found in high concentrations in coconuts and breast milk.  Coconut based fatty acids and their derivitives have long been recognized for their powerful therapeutic effects including inactivation of certain bacteria and fungi/odour control, soothing protection to animal skin and tissue, skin conditioning, and persistent protection.

  • Coconut based liquid
  • Manage sanitary risks without exposing sensitive animals
  • Concenrated form of biologically active lauric acid esters
  • Therapeutic effects for the horses hoof

Item #:HOO1200
Reg. $14.81

Easy to apply with its liquid construction and can be used to condition and moisturize the hoof.

  • Liquid
  • Conditions
  • Moisturizes
  • Aids in Hoof Care

Item #:HOO8727
Reg. $12.59

Kevin Bacon's Sea Clay 2 Kg

Item #:POU9080
Reg. $22.21

An emollient hoof packing that can be used as an aid in preventing drying of the horny tissues, in case of contracted heels and hardening frog; and as an aid in keeping them moist and pliable.

  • Emollient hoof packing
  • Aid in prevention of drying of tissues, contracted heels and hardened frog
  • Aid in keeping hoof moist and pliable

Item #:HOO8600
Reg. $44.44


Use for inflammation, heat, soreness, bruises, and to maintain moisture in the frog and hoof.

Due to the size and weight of this item, additional shipping charges may apply.

Item #:HOO0004
Reg. $29.62

TRM GroHoof is a nutritional support for horses to optimize growth, and improve the integrity of the hoof.

  • Nutritional Support
  • 2.2lb

Item #:HOO8733
Reg. $55.55

Helps promote toughening or hardening of the sole of the hoof.

Item #:HOO8683
Reg. $13.33

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