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Rider Support


Back on Track Ankle Brace Ankle injuries respond best to gradual treatments. Complete instructions and use are indicated with the brace.

Item #:DRD2123
Reg. $25.92

Back on Track Back Brace Designed to offer support and pain relief. Comfortable to wear.

Item #:DRD2125
Reg. $66.66

Back on Track Elbow Brace The elbow cover is designed to reduce pain and swelling related to stress elbow injuries.

Item #:DRD2121
Reg. $25.92

Back on Track gloves are designed with state-of-the art, ceramic-infused Welltex fabric that contains ceramic powder melted into the fabric’s thread. The ceramic powder reflects your own body warmth and creates soothing far infrared thermal warmth. Thermal heat is a well-recognized method used for helping to increase blood flow and relieve pain. For help relieving arthritis pain, wear the gloves on their own. Recommended to wear another pair of gloves over our gloves if you plan to wear them outside.

  • Welltex fabric
  • Soothing far infrared thermal warmth
  • Improves blood flow helps relieve pain

Item #:DRC6788
Reg. $25.92

Back On Track Human Knee Brace The knee brace will provide comforting pain relief.

Item #:DRD2120
Reg. $37.03

Extremely comfortable and thin, the Back on Track Knee Brace offers 4-way stretch for all day comfort and easy movement. Back on Track’s Knee Brace features ceramic particles that when heated, radiate back to the back to create long-weave heat radiation or infrared radiation.

  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Therapeutic
  • Ceramic Properties

Item #:DRC8190
Reg. $37.03

Ideal for problems within the shoulders, shoulder blades, elbows and pain in the neck and spine, this shirt is created from a polyester-cotton mix for outstanding comfort. Constructed with a ribbed design, the fabric offers great fit and stretch. This shirt is perfect for everyday wear or while riding.

  • Polyester-Cotton mix
  • Ribbed Design
  • Soft and Stretchy

Item #:DRC7897
Reg. $44.44

The Back On Track Neck Brace with Velcro was designed in cooperation with the Swedish Patient Rehabilitation Organization for sufferers of whiplash injury.  The Neck Brace with Velcro covers the neck and the supper part of the thoracic chest and spine.  

  • Ceramic infused fibers reflect your own body heat and create soothing infrared warmth
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Relax muscles
  • Increase blood circulation

Item #:DRD6862
Reg. $29.62

Receive Back on Track's therapeutic infrared healing properties while riding your horse with these practical riding gloves! Back on Track's joint and muscle support are all made of functional textiles with heat reflective properties. This wonderful material is a synergy of ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology. During the manufacturing of polyester or polyester fibres, the ceramic particles are fused into the fibres.  These gloves are machine washable for long lasting use.

  • Infrared healing properties
  • Joint and muscle support
  • Heat reflective properties
  • Machine washable

Item #:DRC7590
Reg. $51.84

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