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Aerion Magnolia Crew Neck Sweater

Item #:DRC8467
Reg. $51.84

Ariat Aptos Show Top

Item #:DRC8431
Reg. $48.14

Ariat Sunstopper Quarter Zip

Item #:DRC8428
Reg. $55.55

Ariat Team Cambria Polo

Item #:DRC8429
Reg. $62.96

Ariat Team Polo

Item #:DRC8430
Reg. $51.84

This short sleeve classic polo shirt offers timeless style and sports contrasting button hole stitching for a sharp finish. Lightweight and soft, this shirt is perfect for casual wear or while schooling. Complete with longer length so that you can tuck it in easily. Chitosante treatment allows the garment to be absorbent, breathable, durable, fast-drying, static-free, wrinkle and pill resistant. UPF 50 protection.

  • Short Sleeve
  • Sports Contrasting Button hole Stitching
  • Lightweight
  • Longer Length

Item #:DRC6944
Reg. $70.36

Ideal for problems within the shoulders, shoulder blades, elbows and pain in the neck and spine, this shirt is created from a polyester-cotton mix for outstanding comfort. Constructed with a ribbed design, the fabric offers great fit and stretch. This shirt is perfect for everyday wear or while riding.

  • Polyester-Cotton mix
  • Ribbed Design
  • Soft and Stretchy

Item #:DRC7897
Reg. $44.44

Back on Track products are made of functional textiles with heat reflective properties. The textile is a synergy of ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology. During the manufacturing ceramic particles are fused into the fibres. When worn, the ceramic particles radiate a heat back towards the body. This reflected heat helps increase blood circulation which can help relieve muscle tension and improve performance.

  • Slim Fit
  • Woven With Ceramic Fibres

Item #:DRC2200
Reg. $40.73

Back on Track T-Shirt The T-shirt is ideally suited for pain in your shoulder, neck and spine. It is particularly suited to shoulder problems, as it always stays in contact with that part of your body. This garment is not the preferred choice for lower back pain however. Due to the concave curvature of the lumbar region, the fabric does not come into close enough contact with your lower back unless you are seated or lying down. Though many people choose to sleep in their T-shirt, and have thereby achieved extremely worthwhile results, the recommended product for lower back pain is certainly the back brace.

Item #:DRD2124
Reg. $37.03

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