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Absorbing shock and evenly distributing pressure from the saddle and rider, the SMx Air Ride is created from a non-slip material and is carefully constructed with air channels to allow air to circulate. Featuring a contoured shape and cut back at the withers for an exceptional fit, this pad provides the horse`s back with maximum comfort.

  • Absorbs Shock
  • Evenly Distributes Pressure
  • Non- Slip
  • Air Channels to Allow Circulation
  • Contoured and Cut Back at the Withers
  • Exceptional Fit
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Universal Size: 22.5” x 12.5”

Item #:RIE6801
Reg. $107.68
Dressage girth with detachable neoprene liner is ventilated for heat and moisture to escape.

Providing comfort to your horse while performing, this girth features a ventilated, non-slip neoprene liner that conforms to your horse while allowing heat and moisture to escape, allowing your horse to remain cool. The detachable neoprene liner detaches from the webbing for easy washing. Ideal for Dressage or mono flap saddles.

  • Ventilated
  • Non- Slip Neoprene Liner
  • Conforms to your Horse
  • Breathable
  • Detachable for Easy Washing

Item #:RIE6783
Reg. $96.15     SALE: $88.45

Larger in size than the original All-Round, the Orthosport Pad provides optimum comfort and breathability. Features cut-away at the withers and additional air bubbles in front for better fit and comfort. This pad is effectively contoured with an air channel along the back, optimizing breathability. Black. Size: 30" x 33".

Item #:RIW0012
Reg. $210.77

The Air Ride's multi-cell configuration creates an actual air suspension system. Made up of thousands of small air pockets, it is lighter weight than traditional pads. Designed in multiple layers that synergistically work to prevent pressure in the horse’s back. Conforms to both your horse and saddle and is shock absobing.

Item #:RIW0013
Reg. $173.08

The comfort-fit's neoprene and Lycra design offers full mobility because of its four-way stretch. It's great for relieving tight or sore backs due to horseback riding, heavy lifting and sitting for long periods of time. By retaining body heat it provides soothing moist heat therapy for your lower back. Black. Small: (with a 4" front) Waist Sizes: 22"-38", Medium: (with a 6" front) Waist Sizes: 22"-38", Large: (with an 8" front) Waist Sizes: 24"-40".

Item #:BOE2606
Reg. $88.45

Bed Sore Boots help support the front of the fetlock joint from developing bedsores and shields existing sores from insects and debris while they heal

  • Made with a breathable fleece interior and neoprene exterior 
  • Long lasting hook and loop closures
  • Sold as a pair

Item #:BOE2725
Reg. $36.92

Do you have problems keeping your Sports Medicine Boots looking new because of the mud, weeds or burrs? If so, these boot covers are the answer. Affordable and practical these boot covers are quick and easy to apply and save you a lot of cleaning time. Black. Medium or Large. Pair.

Item #:BOE2619
Reg. $19.22

Great for horses that just need some guidance around the turn or does not like the bit in their mouth; the hackamore provides a side pull action that allows your horse to work with a small amount of lift. The rubber-covered metal nose piece provides balance on the horse’s nose for additional control.

  • Provides a Small Amount of Lift
  • Rubber Covered Metal Nose Piece
  • Provides Balance on the Horses Nose
  • Provides Additional Control
  • Top of the Cheek Ring to the Middle of the Bottom Ring 8”
  • 11” Rubber Nose Band

Item #:BIW2188
Reg. $107.68

Contoured to fit your horse’s back, this pad is perfect for everyday use. Created from durable 600 denier fabric and a layered felt core to provide natural shock absorption, this pad features smooth wear leathers to increase durability with a fleece bottom to ensure comfort.

  • Contoured to Fit Your Horses Back
  • Perfect for Everyday Use
  • Durable 600D Fabric
  • Layered Felt Core
  • Natural Shock Absorption
  • Smooth Wear Leathers
  • Fleece Bottom
  • 31” x 32”

Item #:RIW4892
Reg. $60.76

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