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Replacement Blades For Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Body Clipper and Oster Clipmaster Body Clipper.

Item #:GRO4436
Reg. $25.92

The A6 clipper combines Oster’s most compact ergonomic design ever built with a high efficiency, precision tuned, heavy duty motor that runs at over 4,000 SPM. It also features a patent pending drive system that provides an ultra-smooth and efficient cutting experience for the user. For additional comfort Oster has also added new patent pending VIBRATION ISOLATORS, that are centered around the motor, to help absorb vibration and noise resulting in a natural feel for all day grooming. The ZINC ALLOY technology combines a lightweight ergonomic feel with heavy duty long lasting durability.  A specially designed Clipper Faceplate helps keep the hair out while still being able to access the drive lever for quick and easy maintenance. Three Speeds provide the ultimate in versatility while grooming with convenient 1-handed operation.  A high efficiency motor provides a cooler running experience. Weighing in at 0.81lbs (12.9 ozs) it’s Oster's lightest clipper minimizing hand fatigue and uses all A5 detachable blades.

  • Lightweight. Ergonomic design
  • Precision tuned
  • Ultra-smooth and efficient cutting
  • Vibratoin Isolators absorb vibration and noise
  • Clipper Faceplate keeps hair out while allowing access to drive lever
  • Three speeds
  • High efficiency motor
  • Weighs 0.81lbs
  • Uses all A5 detachable blades

Item #:GRO4415
Reg. $148.14

Oster Blade Wash. 454 gm./16 oz. Easily flushes away hair that accumulates on blades. Great for lubricating blades and removing factory-applied preservatives.

Item #:GRO4414
Reg. $7.40

This versatile clipper offers an exclusive variable speed switch. A strong top blade tension assembly makes adjusting easy from 700 to 3,000 cutting strokes per minute. Carrying case and 83AU/ 84 AU blades included.

Item #:GRO4401
Reg. $273.33     SALE: $258.52

Replacement Blades #10. Medium.

Item #:GRO4418
Reg. $25.92

Replacement Blades #15. Medium/Fine.

Item #:GRO4430
Reg. $25.92

Replacement Blades #40. Very Close.

Item #:GRO4429
Reg. $25.92

The Oster® JUICE™ clipper features Lithium+Ion battery technology which offers no memory and virtually no self-discharge, resulting in maximum productivity and less downtime.  Its revolutionary adjustable blade system allows you to cut up to five different hair lengths with one blade, ensuring a clean, finished cut. Includes JUICE clipper, adjustable blade, charging stand, 4 stainless steel guide combs, oil, wide cleaning brush and blade guard.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Works Corded or Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • 4200 SPM
  • Easy to use Adjustable Ring for Blade Length & Position

Item #:GRO4791
Reg. $133.33

Professional groomers love the versatility of this top-of-the-line two-speed clipper with its powerful universal motor. 'Normal' speed is for general grooming and precise clipping. 'Hi' speed is one third faster and is designed for faster clipping.

Item #:GRO4409
Reg. $140.73     SALE: $118.51

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