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Soft, flexible fleece polos with adorable embroideries offer fun, comfort and function.

Crafted from LÉTTIA’s softest most flexible, washable fleece, embroidered polo bandages match their collection of baby pads. Extra-long and extra-wide, polos offer a soft, thick wrap that is comfortable, functional and fun!

  • Soft
  • Flexible
  • Washable
  • 5” x 108”
  • Matching baby pads available

Item #:BAB2176
Reg. $30.76
Thick, soft, flexible and stylish, these polos are a rider's top choice for fashion and function in the school

Soft, flexible fleece polos are styled with the famous Baker plaid for a winning combination! Thick, soft, flexible and stylish, these polos are a rider's top choice for fashion and function in the schooling ring.

  • Thick, soft, flexible fleece
  • Accented with the famous Baker plaid pattern

Item #:BAB2175
Reg. $26.92
Brightly coloured pad helps cool your horse's back during exercise.

Lettia CoolMax® ICE Saddle Pads features bright exciting colours, an innovative slit for a neater appearance while keeping your pad in place, and CoolMax® lining for your horse's comfort.  This ICE pad is lined with patented CoolMax® technology to keep your equine athlete cool.

  • Innovative slit for neater appearance
  • CoolMax® lining to keep your mount cool
  • Vibrant colours

Item #:RIE6796
Reg. $53.84
Hearty wool pad is lined with Coolmax fabric to help keep your horse's back cool and comfortable.

The Lettia Coolmax® Western Pad brings the best of the English saddle pad to the Western World! Lettia Western Pads combine Coolmax® fabric with wool felt padding to create a perfect Western pad.  The wool is hearty enough to stand up the weight of a Western saddle, while the coolmax® keeps your horse's back cool and comfortable.  Unlike traditional Western pads, the Lettia Western Pad is contoured, so you won't get bunching up under the saddle.

  • Coolmax® fabric
  • Wool felt padding
  • Contoured
  • Won't bunch up under the saddle

Item #:RIW4220
Reg. $92.30
Sleek saddle pad allows for a close contact fit while diamond quilting and padded wither offer exceptional com

Designed to keep your horse cool and comfortable under the saddle, this pad features moisture wicking properties typical of CoolMax® fabric on the underside of the pad as well as diamond quilting for additional comfort and coolness. This pad is the perfect choice throughout the long, hot, summer days.

  • Aiding in Comfort
  • Moisture Wicking Properties
  • CoolMax® Fabric on the Underside
  • Double diamond quilting for rugged durability

Item #:RIE6804
Reg. $61.53

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