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The Kieffer Air-Tex Dressage girth. A new girth generation which is especially durable and very breathable! A new distance fabric provides excellent air circulation. Air-Tex reduces soreness and rubbing and offers an excellent comfort to horse Sizes 24", 26", 28"

Item #:RIE3866
Reg. $59.25

The Kieffer Betty Bridle is a classic snaffle bridle with elegant raised nose and browband. This bridle is manufactured with European quality and leather and features Kieffer satin finish hardware and web reins.

  • Elegant Raised Noseband
  • Elegant Raised Browband
  • European Quality And Leather
  • Kieffer Satin Finished Hardware
  • Web Reins
  • Rustproof Hardware
  • Hardwearing Breathable Leather

Item #:RIE3868
Reg. $177.04

The Kieffer Betty Bridle with the Chain Browband is one of Kieffer's more popular Dressage bridles. The browband features a simple but elegant chain inlay. Extremely popular in the German market this traditional snaffle bridle is well priced and an excellent show ring bridle. Kieffer satin finish hardware, web reins.

  • European Manufacturing And Leather
  • Elegant Chain Inlay
  • Rustproof Hardware
  • Excellent Show Ring Bridle
  • Satin Finish Hardware
  • Web Reins

Item #:RIE3869
Reg. $177.04

The Kieffer Comfort Lyon Bride features a soft padded crown with a comfortable cut-out for additional ear room making it an exceptional choice for the show ring. The browband features a curved design with Swarovski elements and the noseband features a flash with a padded mouth strap. Complete with chrome buckles and webbed reins.

  • Soft & Padded Crown Piece with Cut-Out Design
  • Curved Browband
  • Swarovski Elements
  • Flash Noseband
  • Padded Mouth Strap
  • Chrome Buckles
  • Webbed Reins
Please note, the image shown is not an accurate representation of the actual product. The bridle is only available featuring a black noseband with black padding, not white as is shown.

Item #:RIE6836
Reg. $233.33

Handcrafted by the experts at Kieffer, this bridle is the finishing touch to your competition look.  The Comfort Paris Bridle is created with soft padding throughout including the headpiece and noseband.  A comfortable cut-out allows for more ear room, and the extra wide noseband provides the ultimate in luxury and style.  The curved browband is equipped with Swarovski elements, and chrome buckles throughout.  This bridle comes with a flash noseband with a padded mouth strap.  Bridle includes webbed reins.

  • Hand crafted
  • Soft padding throughout
  • Comfortable cut out for more ear room
  • Extra wide noseband
  • Curved browband
  • Swarovski elements
  • Chrome buckles
  • Flash noseband
  • Padded mouth strap
  • Webbed reins

Item #:RIE6745
Reg. $251.11

Fully lined with soft leather and microfibre, the Kieffer Dagmar bridle is an excellent choice for everyday riding or the show ring with its simple yet elegant design. The Dagmar features chrome buckles, a plain leather browband and crank flash noseband. Complete with webbed reins.

  • Soft Leather Lined
  • Microfibre
  • Chrome Buckles
  • Crank Flash Noseband
  • Webbed Reins

Item #:RIE6839
Reg. $206.67

Exceptionally stunning for the show ring, the Kieffer Domingo bridle features a soft padded crownpiece and ear cutout for exceptional comfort. The Domingo boasts durable chrome buckles, a conical-shaped noseband and a flash with a padded mouth strap. Complete with round and square stones along the browband for exquisite style. Includes webbed reins.

  • Soft-Padded Crown
  • Ear Cutout
  • Conical-Shaped Noseband
  • Chrome Buckles
  • Round & Square Stones along the Browband
  • Flash with Padded Mouth Strap
  • Webbed Reins

Item #:RIE6838
Reg. $191.85

Made from Secu-leather, a revolutionary new material guaranteed for its softness and reliability in strength.  Tear and stretch proof, these stirrup leathers are an excellent buy for any equestrian competition.

  • Secu-leather
  • Revolutionary new material
  • Soft
  • Reliable
  • Strong
  • Tear and stretch proof

Item #:RIE3872
Reg. $81.47

The Kieffer Natascha II Bridle is great example of European stylish crystal detailing on both the browband and noseband. Top quality leather accompanied with top craftsmanship and a padded headpiece.

  • European Style And Design
  • Crystal Detailing On Browband And Noseband
  • Top Quality Leather
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship
  • Padded Headpiece
  • Web Reins
  • Rustproof Hardware

Item #:RIE3905
Reg. $206.67

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