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Herbs for Horses


To support gastrointestinal health.

Item #:SUV8040
Reg. $64.44

Breathe without garlic is designed to help promote the strength and integrity of the respiratory system using a unique combination of herbs.

Item #:SUC7873
Reg. $51.84

To support and maintain the normal disposition of the horse allowing him/her to exhibit normal relaxed behaviour.

Item #:SUV0101
Reg. $51.84

Due to the size and weight of this item, Additional shipping charges may apply.

Item #:SUV0096
Reg. $37.03

Herbs for Horses Herring Oil 1 G

Item #:SUV8107
Reg. $37.03
Supports healthy hoof growth.

Supports healthy hoof growth.

Item #:SUV7836
Reg. $55.55

Supports healthy muscle and joint function.

Item #:SUV7842
Reg. $25.92

Supports healthy gut microflora and digestion.

Item #:SUV0104
Reg. $74.07

Helps maintain healthy immune function.

Item #:SUV8042
Reg. $44.44

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