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Press the pump and watch the soap dispense on to your leather article as foam. No need to create a lather, it's already there for you. Buffs to a lustrous finish. Good for use on saddles, tack, shoes, boots, jackets, handbags, leather upholstery and other smooth leather articles. Not for use on suede.

  • Pump dispenser
  • Foam delivery
  • Buffs to create lustrous finish
  • Great on many leather products
  • Not for use on suede

Item #:STO0102
Reg. $3.70

Fiebing’s Green Clean spot and stain remover contains natural ingredients including non-irritating soaps and Tea Tree Oil to effectively clean and condition your horse’s hair. Use Fiebing’s Green Clean to quickly and easily get rid of urine stains, grass stains and manure stains. It also removes wet and dry sweat stains. Fiebing’s Green Clean contains no bleaches or harmful solvents. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Spray it on and wipe it off. Rinsing is not required.

  • Spot and stain remover
  • Natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Rinsing not required

Item #:STS0056
Reg. $8.88

A natural by-product that softens, preserves and waterproofs all leather and vinyl goods. 236 ml./8 oz.

Item #:STO9538
Reg. $3.70

A natural by-product that softens, preserves and waterproofs all leather and vinyl goods. Paste. 168 gm./6 oz.

Item #:STO9537
Reg. $3.70

A 100% natural preservative for leather articles subjected to rugged use and outdoor exposure. Since the primary function of a neatsfoot oil is to replace the evaporated oils in leather, replacing the oils with other natural oils is best. Used by saddle makers for over a century.

  • 100% natural preservative for leather articles
  • Primary function is to replace evaporated oils

Item #:STO0103
Reg. $8.88

A blend of natural oils, lanolin and silicone that preserves and lubricates leather items subjected to rugged outdoor use. 946 ml/32 oz.

Item #:STO9532
Reg. $8.88

Cleans leather and lubricates the fibers to prevent brittleness, maintaining suppleness and strength. Formulated in a paste. White or Yellow. 340 gm./12 oz.

Item #:STO9510
Reg. $5.92

Fiebing Satin Sheen 1 Gallon

Item #:STS0055
Reg. $22.21

High silicone content provides extra, heavy-duty, longer lasting water and stain protection. Use on leather, suede, canvas, nylon, cotton and other fabrics. Keeps water out while allowing material to breathe, keeping it soft and pliable. Great for use on tents, tarps, boat covers, shoes, boots, jackets and sporting equipment.

  • High silicone content
  • Water and stain protection
  • Use on multiple fabrics

Item #:STO0045
Reg. $18.51

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