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EquiFit Heel Lifts are perfect for breaking in tall boots!  The lifts angle up into the heel of your boot giving you a lift so that the backs of your knees are not rubbed while you wait for your new boots to drop.  As the boots settle at the ankle, you can peel layers from the lifts to adjust the height.  These may also be useful for riders who have trouble finding a boot short enough.

  • Perfect for breaking in tall boots
  • Lifts angle up into the heel
  • Helps avoid backs of your knees being rubbed while waiting for boots to drop
  • Peel layers away from lifts to adjust the height
  • Also great for riders who have trouble finding short boots

Item #:DRD6866
Reg. $10.36

The EquiFit Curb Chain Cover conforms to the horse's chin for a custom fit, every time.  Self ventilating construction controls perspiration while eliminating chafing or rubbing.  Perfect for the sensitive horse, the cover's T-Form filling softens the curb chain against the horse's chin, and offers comfort without compromising the effectiveness of the curb chain.

  • Conforms to chin for custom fit
  • Self ventilating
  • Controls perspiration
  • Eliminates chafing or rubbing
  • Perfect for the sensitive horse

Item #:BID1358
Reg. $24.44

Produced using the same technology as human ear plugs, Equifit’s T-Foam Earplugs conform to the horse’s ear canal creating a strong seal, eliminating nearly all noise. T-Foam earplugs are heat reactive, softening with body temperature and become more comfortable with use. These earplugs provide the ultimate in comfort and performance for your horse allowing them to stay calm and relaxed in loud or distracting situations.

  • Can Be Trimmed to Fit the Ear Canal if Necessary
  • Produced Using the Same Custom Fit Technology as Used in Human Ear Plugs
  • Heat Reactive

Item #:HOR5150
Reg. $8.14
Anatomical front boots absorb impact while providing enhanced leg protection.

EXP3™ Front Boot brings modern touches to a longtime favourite. The EverLeather™ shell is molded to a streamlined, anatomical fit, providing enhanced protection throughout the leg. Three 1" straps with extended stretch disperse pressure points and ensure a perfect fit, while cut-out behind the knee provides freedom of movement and comfort. Ultra-low profile removable E-Foam™ liners absorb impact and provide a custom fit, and are antimicrobial, breathable, easy-to-wash and quick-to-dry.

  • EverLeather™ shell
  • Three 1” straps disperse pressure points
  • Low profile E-Foam™ liners absorb impact
  • Custom fit
  • Antimicrobial
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wash
  • Quick to dry

Item #:BOE2761
Reg. $191.85

Dermatologist tested, EquiFit Gel Bands protect rider's heels, ankles and legs from rubs and irritation while riding.  Soothing Gel Bands stay in place while riding, and fit comfortable and unobtrusively under tall boots, chaps, and half chaps.  Made of a unique stretchable fabric lined with a polymer gel, these supportive wraps gradually release a soothing mineral oil into the skin.  

  • Protect heels, ankles and legs while riding
  • Fit unobtrusively under boots and chaps
  • Stretchable fabric lined with polymer gel
  • Release soothing mineral oil into the skin

Item #:DRD6865
Reg. $31.84

The Equifit Gel Compression therapy line reduces inflammation, controls swelling and decreases risk of injury. Gelpaks adhere to an outer shell that provides air compression via hand pump, and retain intense cold/heat while conforming and remaining pliable out of the freezer. Eliminate the bulk of machines and cables associated with traditional cold therapy application.

  • Ideal for Rehabilitation and Post-Exercise Treatment
  • Gelpaks Conform to the Body with Optional and Adjustable Air Compression
  • Use on Multiple Horses with Removable, Quick Freezing or Heating Gelpaks

Item #:BOD2912
Reg. $232.59
Easy to clean and care for schooling alternative to boots.

Keep your D-Teqs looking sharp in the show ring! For use during exercise instead of boots, bandage liners conform to your horse’s legs for excellent support and comfort. Easy to clean and care for, they are a great alternative to Equifit’s D-Teq boots when schooling. Pair underneath Equifit’s T-Sport Wraps for best results.

  • For daily schooling use instead of boots
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Use underneath Equifit T-Sport Wraps

Item #:BAC2062
Reg. $85.18

Designed by orthopedic specialists, shoulders back is a vest like garment that gently pulls the shoulders back to improve posture while riding. Velcro straps can be adjusted to increase or decrease corrective force. Lightweight, comfortable and breathable, shoulderback can be worn under a show coat and is also great for every day use. Hand wash, line dry. White and black. Size M. * Additional sizes available by Special Order. Sizes: S-L

Item #:DRC1539
Reg. $48.14

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