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Training and Correction Bit features a Copper Snaffle Mouth.

Item #:BIW1254
Reg. $33.99

The Latigo leather crown easily attaches with Chicago screws to most nylon halters to convert them into breakaway halters. Breakaway halters allow the horse an easier and safer emission from dangerous or unsuitable conditions. These conditions may include cross ties and trailers whereas a nylon crown piece would not free the horse upon a struggle.

  • Easily Attaches
  • Affixes to Nylon Halters
  • Easier and Safer Emission from Dangerous or Unsuitable Conditions

Item #:HAD9481
Reg. $10.36

Leather Curb Strap 5/8" wide.

Item #:BID1315
Reg. $5.92

Rounded Leather Curb Strap 5/8". Honey or Mahogany.

Item #:BID1317
Reg. $11.10

The Weaver Draft Deluxe Felt Liner Super Cinch is backed with premium 1/2” 100% Felt Lining and nylon upper. Nickel plated hardware that includes dees for tie down and back cinch attachment. Designed and styled with the quality and craftsmanship that you have come to expect from the Weaver brand.

  • Premium 1/2” 100% Felt Lining
  • Nylon Upper
  • Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Dees For Tie Down And Back Cinch Attachment
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Machine Washable

Item #:RIW4196
Reg. $33.33

The Weaver Doubled and Stitched Off Billet is made of quality skirting leather and features three hole tie with burgundy latigo leather tie. Designed with the quality and craftsmanship you have come to expect from the Weaver brand.

  • Quality Skirting Leather
  • Three Hole Tie
  • Burgundy Latigo Leather Tie
  • Quality Craftsmanship

Item #:RIW4177
Reg. $33.33

The Weaver Draft Headstall is sized to give draft horses a perfect fit.  This doubled and stitched one inch harness leahter headstall features a singly-ply throat latch, Chicago screw bit ends, and durable nickel plated hardware.

  • Doubled and stitched
  • One inch harness leather
  • Single-ply throat latch
  • Chicago screw bit ends
  • Durable nickel plated hardware

Item #:RIW4222
Reg. $74.07

The Weaver Felt Lined Smart Cinch is made of nylon top and 1/2” 100% Felt backer for extra comfort. The patented Roll Snug® cinch buckle is made of stainless steel and eliminates the need to pull leather against leather. The two rollers allow the latigo strap to roll freely and give the rider more leverage, making cinching up a breeze. Designed and styled with the quality and craftsmanship that you have come to expect from the Weaver brand.

  • Upper Nylon Top
  • 1/2” 100% Felt Backer
  • Patented Roll Snug® Cinch Buckle
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Quality Craftsmanship

Item #:RIW4011
Reg. $46.66

This harness leather curb strap features two rows of flat link chain and durable nickel plated hardware and chrome plated chains.

Item #:BID1352
Reg. $11.10

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