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Soft 1/2" 100% felt lining, with 2 dee's for attachments. Machine washable. Stainless steel hardware. Black or Brown. Sizes: 28"-36".

Item #:RIW0007
Reg. $25.92     SALE: $22.21

Keeps flys off the face as well as dust, dirt and debris. Sizes: X-Large, Large Horse, Full, Arabian, Yearling or Foal/Pony.

Item #:HOR5025
Reg. $12.59

Made specifically for the quick growing foals our supra foal halter is made of the same quality lightweight nylon as our deluxe halter and is fully adjustable at the crown, nose and throat. Black.

Item #:HAH0005
Reg. $12.59     SALE: $8.88

Extremely soft and densely filled bristles made of goat hair. Perfect for creating a deep, luxurious shine. Gentle enough for use on the face and other sensitive areas. Small wood back with heavy-duty elastic strap for for support.

Item #:GRO1014
Reg. $7.40

The Supra nylon hay bale carrier is a great tool for trailering to shows! 

  • Strong water repellent nylon  
  • Zipped top  
  • Nylon straps for added strength  
  • Handles for added convenience  
  • Width: 18 inches 
  • Length: 39 inches   
  • Height 15 inches

Item #:STE9560
Reg. $22.21

The Supra Ice Boot is an easy and fast way to apply cold therapy to your horse’s leg(s). Boot stays soft while frozen offering exceptional comfort. Constructed of durable nylon and contains 4 adjustable straps for a customized fit and compression level.

  • Easy and fast cold therapy application
  • Stays soft while frozen
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Made of durable nylon
  • 4 adjustable straps
  • Customized fit and compression level 

Item #:BOD2936
Reg. $22.21

A densely filled mix of synthetic and natural bristles for a superb polishing action. Wide wood back and strap.

Item #:GRO1005
Reg. $14.81

An ideal grooming mitt for removing sweat marks and mud. Creates a deep sudsing action when shampooing.

Item #:GRO4370
Reg. $5.92

Cotton web lunge line features a swivel end and snap, leather hand grip and rubber stopper. 1" x 21'.

Item #:HOR0003
Reg. $13.33

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