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39 " With black handle and shaft. ** Please note that this oversized item is subject to an additional $8.00 shipping charge. **

Item #:DRG0831
Reg. $11.10

This whip is made of a woven nylon thread covering a fiberglass center. The handle is wrapped in polyurethane with a Ferrule molded cap that is nickel plated. Stylish and suitable for top dressage barns.

  • Woven nylon thread
  • Fibreglass center
  • Polyurethane handle
  • Ferrule molded cap

Item #:DRG1204
Reg. $14.07

This whip is designed specifically with comfort and style in mind. Comes in fun and unique colours to show off added flare while schooling. Gel handle conforms to your hand and cuts down on fatigue. Complete with silver cap.

  • Comfortable and easy to hold
  • Gel handle
  • Silver cap

Item #:DRG1203
Reg. $14.07
Ideal for brushing your horse's face and other sensitive areas.

Created in a fashionable design, this brush gently whisks away dirt and debris from your horse's face and includes a contoured groove for a comfortable fingertip grip.

  • Fashionable design
  • Groove for a comfortable fingertip grip

Item #:GRO4754
Reg. $3.70

Simple yet effective, this hoof brush provides a difference in your grooming routine. Perfect for cleaning hooves, this brush will allow you to eliminate hidden shavings and dirt. Featuring a small design, this brush is easy to hold and the stiff bristles allow for an easy clean.

  • Fashionable design

Item #:GRO4755
Reg. $3.70
The laid-back style of the Fiji Cooler will have your horse chilling out after a day of showing.

The soft moisture-wicking material of the Supra Fiji Fleece Cooler allows for quick heat evaporation, making it functional and fun, and extra padding over the withers helps prevent rubbing. A strap across the chest adjusts to allow a customized fit and another hidden, adjustable strap fastens under the belly while a tail string also helps keep the cooler in place. Trimmed with sporty retro surf-inspired colours, the Fiji Fleece Cooler is the perfect laid-back layer for cooling a hot horse or hand grazing on a cloudy day. Does not include back leg straps; not recommended for unattended use. Limited edition design available only at Greenhawk! Get yours today!

  • Soft moisture-wicking fleece that allows for quick heat evaporation
  • Extra padding over withers helps prevent rubbing
  • One adjustable strap fastens across chest
  • One hidden, adjustable strap fastens under the belly
  • Tail cord
  • Does not include back leg straps
  • Sporty, retro colours

Item #:BLC3062
Reg. $44.44
Avoid fly frustrations and stay cool with this sporty, lightweight, and breathable mesh sheet.

The new Supra Fly Sheet features a lightweight mesh trimmed with surf-inspired sporty retro colours designed to keep flies and insects at bay. Two adjustable cross biased belly straps fasten with innovative and interesting buckles and two adjustable straps across the chest help this durable fly sheet stay fitted comfortably with no pulling or rubbing through your horse’s summer frolicking. The breathable fabric helps keep your horse cool and tall shoulder gussets keep him comfortable while soaking in the warm summer sun. Complete your limited edition Fiji Collection at Greenhawk today!

  • Lightweight mesh
  • Surf inspired design
  • Two cross-biased belly straps fasten with innovative and interesting buckles
  • Two straps across the chest
  • Tall shoulder gussets
  • Breathable fabric
  • Tail cord

Item #:BLC3064
Reg. $44.44
Functional and stylish fleece cooler.

Functional and stylish, this fitted fleece cooler is made from moisture wicking fleece, perfect for use after riding or bathing. With crossed biased surcingles and double front straps, the Supra Fleece Cooler will offer your mount warmth and comfort in cooler weather. Designed for attended use, this cooler is not compatible with leg straps.

  • Fitted fleece cooler
  • Use after riding or bathing to help prevent catching chills
  • Crossed biased surcingles
  • Double front straps
  • Made for attended use
This product and its pricing available online only through Product of the Week.

Item #:BLC3055
Reg. $37.03
Mesh shields eyes from UV rays and flies.

Keeps flys off the face as well as dust, dirt and debris. Sizes: X-Large, Large Horse, Full, Arabian, Yearling or Foal/Pony.

Item #:HOR5025
Reg. $13.33     SALE: $9.62

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