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Suitable for every discipline, these boots are created from durable ballistic nylon which makes them tough and long lasting. Featuring an UltraShock lining to absorb energy from overreaching while protecting vital areas of the hoof, cornet band and bulbs of the heel as well as a soft no- turn knob keeps the boot from turning.

  • Suitable for Every Discipline
  • Durable Ballistic Nylon
  • UltraShock Lining
  • Protects Vital Areas of the Hoof, Cornet Band and Bulbs of the Heel
  • Soft No- Turn Knob

Item #:BOB2701
Reg. $37.03
Package and save! Value pack of SMB VenTECH Elite boots includes two front and two hind boots.

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The new VenTECH™ Elite Sports Medicine Boot is the new standard for equine comfort with all the premium features you expect from a Professional's Choice product. The exclusive new VenTECH™ technology features a ventilated, limestone-based neoprene and perforated Ultrashock™ liner that better conforms to your horse. The perforation of both layers provides added stretch and flexibility making this product more supportive and enhancing the fit while keeping dirt out. Package includes two front boots and two hind boots.

Item #:BOE2724
Reg. $188.15

Shaped like traditional bell boots these boots provide the ultimate in hoof and soft tissue protection for performance horses. With a 360 degree wrap and an overlap in the back they cover the whole hoof including the coronet band and the bulb and provide excellent shock absorption right where it is needed. Black, Hunter Green and Navy Blue. Sizes: M & L. Pair. SPECIAL ORDER.

Item #:BOB2325
Reg. $51.84
Fetlock boots feature an innovative air bag for enhanced impact absorption.

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Professional’s Choice Performance Fetlock Boots are designed with an innovative and shock absorbing air bag cushion for tendon coverage upon impact. Lightweight, anatomically shaped and comfortable, the Performance Fetlock Boots do not absorb water and are easy to clean. Complete with an adjustable hook and loop strap.

  • Innovative
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Air Bag Cushions
  • Lightweight
  • Anatomical Shape
  • Comfortable
  • Do Not Absorb Water
  • Adjustable
  • Hook & Loop Strap

Item #:BOE2750
Reg. $42.96
Stunning leather girth features removable ventilated liner for comfort in the show ring.

Professional’s Choice VenTECH™ Leather English Girth is a show season essential! Sophisticated and appealing, the VenTECH™ Leather English Girth is constructed with high quality leather with a neoprene VenTECH™ liner for comfort. The liner conforms to your horse, allowing moisture and heat to escape while keeping your horse cool and dry and conveniently peels away from the leather for easy washing. Complete with a center Carabineer clip and side D-ring for training aids, stainless steel roller buckles and triple elastic on both ends.

  • High Quality Leather
  • Neoprene VenTECH™ Liner
  • Conforms to the Horse
  • Allows Moisture & Heat to Escape
  • Keeps the Horse Cool & Dry
  • Liner Conveniently Peels Away
  • Carabineer Clip
  • Side D-Ring
  • Stainless Steel Roller Buckles
  • Triple Elastic on Both Ends

Item #:RIE6822
Reg. $221.48

Providing protection to the hoof, cornet band and bulbs of the heel, this vinyl boot features a ballistic binding to aid in impact absorption from overreaching. The soft no-turn knob prevents the boot from spinning and the addition of a double hook and loop fastener helps the boot stay in place.

  • Vinyl with Ballistic Binding
  • Aids in Impact Absorption
  • No-Turn Knob
  • Double Hook and Loop Fastener
  • Sparkle Embellishment

Item #:BOB2708
Reg. $25.92
Rear boots with TPU fasteners feature an innovative air bag for enhanced impact absorption.

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Made to match the Performance Open Front Boots, Professional’s Choice Performance Boots feature a ventilated dual hardness outer shell designed to dissipate energy when the strike area is hit. The inclusion of a shock absorbing air cushion fits within the anatomically shaped strike area. Complete with adjustable TPU fasteners, these ankle boots are perfect for everyday schooling or the show ring.

  • Ventilated
  • Dual Hardness Outer Shell
  • Absorbing Air Cushions
  • Anatomically Shaped Strike Area
  • Adjustable TPU Fasteners 

Item #:BOE2752
Reg. $59.25

With Slide-Tec™ Short Skid Boots you get a quick and easy application. It offers the same protection as the Standard Skid Boots and won't allow dirt in. The Short Skid Boot is the ultimate in durability and protection for disciplines involving sliding stops. Black. Size: Universal.

Item #:BOE0004
Reg. $92.59
Neoprene front boots provide 360 degrees of coverage to shield your horse's legs. Small.

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Made from limestone based neoprene with an antimicrobial inner lining, the Professional’s Choice SMB II is designed to absorb a portion of the energy generated from the hoof impacting the ground. Features four fastening tabs for additional security and shields the fetlock for greater coverage.

  • Limestone Based Neoprene
  • Antimicrobial Inner Lining
  • Shock Absorption
  • 4 Fastening Tabs
  • Covers the Fetlock
  • Size: S

Item #:BOE2614
Reg. $81.47

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