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Back on Track


Back on Track Ankle Brace Ankle injuries respond best to gradual treatments. Complete instructions and use are indicated with the brace.

Item #:DRD2123
Reg. $25.92

Back on Track Back Brace Designed to offer support and pain relief. Comfortable to wear.

Item #:DRD2125
Reg. $66.66

Back on track garments contain combinations of Ceramic textile, Polyester and Cotton. This combination provides therapeutic heat retention, comfort and durability. These rays increase blood flow, will reduce pain and swelling and in most cases provide drug free relief within days of application.

Item #:BAC2051
Reg. $59.25

A joint project of ThinLine and Back on Track, this saddle pad combines the shock absorbing properties of ThinLine and the therpeutic thermal heat of a Back on Track pad.  

  • Ceramic infused fibers reflect body heat and create soothing infrared warmth
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Relax muscles
  • Increase blood circulation

Item #:RIE6777
Reg. $148.14

The Dog Rug is a great option to help your dog look and feel great all year round!

  • Black polyester fabric which is both water resistant and breathable
  • Lined with Back on Track's ceramic fabric on the inside
  • Reflectors on both sides of the rug.
  • Adjustable main opening and over the withers so as to get the best fit possible
  • Elastic leg ties in the back
  • Opening at the neck in order to fasten a leash
  • A pull tie for the tail is included in case the tail points upwards

Item #:DOG0135
Reg. $66.66

Back on Track Elbow Brace The elbow cover is designed to reduce pain and swelling related to stress elbow injuries.

Item #:DRD2121
Reg. $25.92

Assists in promoting circulation to joint problems and provides a quicker recovery to the injured area. Black. Sizes S-L

Item #:BOD2911
Reg. $59.25

This knee wrap provides comforting pain relief. For best results use the cover during rest periods to increase blood flow to the inflamed area. Black. Sizes S-L

Item #:BOD2910
Reg. $51.84

Back On Track Exercise Rug The Exercise Rug is excellent for use during warm-up sessions, riding tours as well as following exercise / competition sessions. The Exercise Rug is breathable and tolerates a degree of water or dampness.

Item #:BLS4003
Reg. $148.14

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