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A unique blend of natural oils and lubricants help maintain a healthy moisture balance in the hoof.

Hoof Hearted is a liquid hoof conditioner that provides a unique blend of natural oils and lubricants to help maintain a healthy moisture balance in the hoof. Tall oil, also called “liquid rosin”, is a viscous, odorous liquid obtained from the pulping of coniferous (pine) trees that, together with lanolin, neatsfoot and mineral oil, help keep the foot healthy and hydrated. Proper hoof care and hydration is essential for hoof health and long term soundness.

  • Liquid hoof conditioner
  • Unique blend of natural oils and lubricants helps prevent moisture loss and maintain hoof health
  • Tall oil or “liquid rosin” obtained from coniferous trees, lanolin, neatsfoot and mineral oil combine to keep the foot hydrated and prevent cracks

Item #:HOO8756
Reg. $15.38
Fitted, breathable sunshirt with snug wrists to keep sleeves in place as you ride.

Sporty long sleeve 1/4 zip sunshirt, designed with lightweight breathable fabric and cooling mesh inner sleeves. Fitted style with UPF30 sun protection, and snug wrists to keep sleeves in place and away from your hands. The perfect shirt for protecting your skin and keeping cool while riding in the summer sun.

  • Odour resisting
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • UPF30 sun protection
  • Cooling mesh inner sleeves

Item #:DRC8552
Reg. $73.07     SALE: $43.84
Great for riders who need to adjust fit whether their hair is up or down.

Easily adjust the fit of your Samshield Shadow Matt Helmet by inserting this liner for a more snug fit. Liner can be used as a replacement or as a means of getting a perfect fitting helmet. Can also be purchased as an extra to ensure your Samshield helmet fits perfectly with and without your hair in it.

  • Replacement liner for Samshield Shadow Matt and Miss Shield helmets
  • Can create a custom sized helmet when interchanged with different shells

Item #:DRD6924
Reg. $46.15
Flattering elongated visor adds style and function to the favourite Shadow Matt line.

Inspired by women’s classic hats, the Miss Shield is equipped with a long visor. Designed on the base of the classic Samshield helmet with all the same great technical features - better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact, no risk of tipping the helmet in case of violent movement, exceptional ventilation, perfect adjustment, comfort and hygiene - with the added benefit of the sun-blocking visor. The stylish design is finished with a durable, scratch resistant paint to keep the helmet looking like new. Memory foam inserts are removable and washable for superior comfort and hygiene.

  • High quality Polycarbonate outer shell
  • Variable density polystyrene shell
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Finished with scratch resistant and durable paint
  • Black chrome blazon
  • Black chrome trim
  • Memory foam insert is removable/washable
  • ASTM/SEI approved

Item #:DRC8651
Reg. $534.62

Spiced Equestrian Button Show Bow

Item #:DRD6933
Reg. $15.38

Tredstep Solo Vision Show Jacket

Item #:DRC9355
Reg. $383.85

Tredstep Solo Volte II Full Seat Breech

Item #:DRC9353
Reg. $168.46

Tredstep Symphony Verde Breech - Mens

Item #:DRC9354
Reg. $138.45
The latest breech in the Elation Platinum Collection featuring the utmost style and comfort.

Traditional in style and tailored in fit, the Elation Platinum Chelsea Breech is designed for the competitive equestrian with a flair for fashion. Constructed from a lightweight, stretch fabric, complete with contrasting knee patches made from premium RIMA leather. These on-trend breeches are finished with a Euro-Seat design and Demi-Cut Sport Stretch ankles for a smooth, snug fit. Show ring style or schooling staple, the Elation Platinum Chelsea Breech is sure to make a statement in your riding wardrobe.

  • On-Trend Contrasting Knee Patches
  • Front Pockets
  • Two Button Gutos Closure with Suede Skin Protector
  • Euro-Seat Design
  • Demi-Cut Sport Stretch Ankle

Item #:DRC9105
Reg. $99.99

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