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September Specials


The Auken Airflow Half Chaps offer the ultimate in breathability and comfort. Styled to promote airflow and encourage cooling properties these half chaps are perfect for warmer weather riding.

  • New Design And Fit
  • Synthetic Clarion Leather
  • Breathable
  • Unique Mesh Panel
  • Durable YKK Zipper
  • Elastic Button Snap At Ankle
  • Wonderful Grip And Security

Item #:DRC1701
Reg. $37.03     SALE: $29.62

A great multi-purpose winter boot. Warm and lightweight these boots are great for riding or work around the barn. The solid rubber foot keeps you dry in the snow and slush and the shaft is made of soft, flexible nylon that is treated for extra water repellency.
• Warm & lightweight
• Solid rubber foot
• Soft, flexible nylon shaft


Item #:DRB7893
Reg. $74.07     SALE: $66.66

Our finest halter with brass hardware and double stitched 1" Dark Brown genuine English leather. Handmade exclusively for Greenhawk to exacting standards. Beware of copies made from inferior foreign leather which utilize a cheaper chrome tanning process. We use only the finest English hides, superbly tanned by the vegetable tanning process. This slow method produces a rich supple leather that is strong, durable and resists breaking and drying out. In English leather complete with snap, adjustable buckle on both sides of the crown and adjustable chin strap. Our most popular style. Brown. Sizes: Warmblood, Full, Cob, Pony (3/4"), Yearling (3/4") or Weanling.

Item #:HAH4707
Reg. $51.84     SALE: $44.44

Providing additional flexibility for rider comfort, these stirrups bend to promote proper balance, reduce leg fatigue and increase the ability to keep heels low. With the addition of white rubber footpads, this stirrup provides comfort to the footbed as well as to riders who suffer from knee and ankle pains.

  • Flexible
  • Promote Proper Balance
  • Reduce Leg Fatigue
  • Help Keep Heels Low
  • White Rubber Footpads
  • Ideal for Riders with Knee and Ankle Pain

Item #:RIE3403
Reg. $44.44     SALE: $29.62

The Elation Denim Full Seat Soho Breech is the sister breech to the Elation Manhattan! The Soho features a stylish denim stretch construction with contrast stitching and a premium RIMA leather full seat in 4-way stretch denim. Stylish and right out of New York with a Demi-cut Sport Stretch™ ankle for a smooth, snug fit. Extremely comfortable and flattering with front and back pockets, belt loops and front zipper.
• 4-Way Stretch
• Contrast Stitching
• Premium RIMA Leather Full Seat
• Demi-cut Sport Stretch™ Ankles
• Front & Back Pockets
• Belt Loops
• Front Zipper

Item #:DRC7451
Reg. $96.29     SALE: $59.25
The latest breech in the Elation Platinum Collection featuring the utmost style and comfort.

Traditional in style and tailored in fit, the Elation Platinum Chelsea Breech is designed for the competitive equestrian with a flair for fashion. Constructed from a lightweight, stretch fabric, complete with contrasting knee patches made from premium RIMA leather. These on-trend breeches are finished with a Euro-Seat design and Demi-Cut Sport Stretch ankles for a smooth, snug fit. Show ring style or schooling staple, the Elation Platinum Chelsea Breech is sure to make a statement in your riding wardrobe.

  • On-Trend Contrasting Knee Patches
  • Front Pockets
  • Two Button Gutos Closure with Suede Skin Protector
  • Euro-Seat Design
  • Demi-Cut Sport Stretch Ankle

Item #:DRC7991
Reg. $111.10     SALE: $103.70

Professional groomers love the versatility of this top-of-the-line two-speed clipper with its powerful universal motor. 'Normal' speed is for general grooming and precise clipping. 'Hi' speed is one third faster and is designed for faster clipping.

Item #:GRO4409
Reg. $140.73     SALE: $118.51

Our Shedrow Baby Pad is made from 100% cotton and is ideal for everyday use or for showing. Our Shedrow Baby Pad is not suitable to be used on its own, but perfect to be paired with a half pad.

  • 100% cotton
  • Thin
  • Dimensions: 32” x 24”

Item #:RIE3902
Reg. $17.03     SALE: $11.84

The new Shedrow Brushing Boot has double locking Velcro closures for extra security.  Suitable for both front and hind legs.  Offers great protection against brushing, knocks and abrasions.

  • Double locking Velcro closures
  • Suitable for front and hind legs
  • Protection against brushing, knocks and abrasions

Item #:BOE2746
Reg. $40.73     SALE: $29.62

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