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Farnam Blue Lotion is a quick-drying, deep-penetrating wound dressing and gall lotion.  This solution can be used to aid in the treatment of surface wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, harness galls and saddle sores.

  • Quick drying
  • Deep penetrating
  • Aid in treatment of surface wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, harness galls and saddle sores
  • EXP 05/31/2017

Item #:NSI0637
Reg. $12.59     SALE: $9.62

Grand Meadows' original formula, developed over 20 years ago, and Grand Hoof Pellets + MSM are both proven formulas to grow and maintain strong, tough, healthy hooves.  Their potent formulas will give you the best and fastest results - results you and your farrier have been looking for.  

  • Proven formulas
  • Grow and maintain strong, tough, healthy hooves
  • Best results you have been looking for
  • EXP 07/31/2017

Item #:NSI0638
Reg. $140.73     SALE: $111.10
Save on this 30 day supply of SUCCEED, expiring October 6th, 2017.

By feeding SUCCEED® digestive supplement for horses once a day, every day, you have a daily conditioning program for the inside of the horse to get better results on the outside. SUCCEED® gets to the root causes. It is a natural system of key nutrients that can offset the underlying digestive imbalance that can result in the face of challenges modern horses face every day. The nutrients in the SUCCEED® patented formula occur naturally in the horse’s diet, or are naturally synthesized by the body. But these nutrients are often in short supply for the modern performance horse, where the rigors of training and lifestyle, and energy requirements, are all the greater.  SUCCEED is a natural way to help keep your horse’s stomach and colon functioning the way it should, while competing and training.

  • Expires October 6th, 2017
  • 30 Day Supply
  • Digestive supplement and daily conditioning program
  • Natural system of key ingredients that can offset digestive imbalance
  • Designed for performance horses that are competing or training



Item #:NSI0678
Reg. $140.73     SALE: $111.10

The Val du Bois Flash Attachment is made with premium vegetable tanned leather and 12 point precision stitching. Styled to impress this flash attachment may be easily installed on any noseband.

  • Premium Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Hand Burnished Edging
  • 12 Point Precision Stitching
  • Easily Installed On Any Noseband

Item #:RIE5013
Reg. $22.19     SALE: $2.96
Single ply harness leather 8' reins with water loop and tie bit ends.

The D.C. Branded Reins with Ties are made with single ply harness leather and styled with water loop and tie bit ends. These reins have been styled with economy in mind and perfect for the trainer, casual rider and everyday use.

  • Single Ply Harness Leather
  • Styled With Water Loop
  • Tie Bit Ends
  • Perfect For The Trainer And Casual Rider
  • 8 Feet In Length

Item #:RIW0121
Reg. $14.81

Hollow Curb Bit with curved mouthpiece.

Item #:BIE2006 5 3/4
Reg. $27.40

Hollow Curb Bit with curved mouthpiece.

Item #:BIE2006 6
Reg. $27.40

The Shedrow Super Dry Fitted Cooler utilizes the newest and most advanced wicking technologies and coatings available making this an elegant, first class cooler or dress sheet. A “Moisture Management” coating from CIBA ensures superb wicking and cooling out properties. Ideal for spring, summer and fall or as a year round cooler it is a suitable show cooler but priced right for everyday use.

  • Velcro on the inside front flaps
  • Stretchy elastic inserts with backup strapping
  • Cross surcingles
  • Double donuts on the surcingle hardware
  • Doubled nylon front strap with tuck away tab
  • Double stitched binding for durability
  • Expert stitching at all stress points
  • Tail cord

Item #:BLC0023NB70
Reg. $59.25     SALE: $29.62

Suitable for every discipline, these boots are created from durable ballistic nylon which makes them tough and long lasting. Featuring an UltraShock lining to absorb energy from overreaching while protecting vital areas of the hoof, cornet band and bulbs of the heel as well as a soft no- turn knob keeps the boot from turning.

  • Suitable for Every Discipline
  • Durable Ballistic Nylon
  • UltraShock Lining
  • Protects Vital Areas of the Hoof, Cornet Band and Bulbs of the Heel
  • Soft No- Turn Knob

Item #:BOB2701F5M
Reg. $37.03     SALE: $22.21

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