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Innovative triple layer construction.

Fabric consists of a triple layer system, which is exceptional in maintaining the optimum temperature of your horse. The outer layer is made from a tight knit blend of wool and acrylic, which offers warmth, wind resistance and durability. The middle layer is Therma-Dry filler, which is the ultimate in thermal insulation and has superb wicking capabilities. The inner layer is designed for warmth and comfort and also wicks moisture away quickly towards the outer layer, ensuring the horse does not become chilled. Innovative design ensures excellent shape retention properties. Features include front buckle closure and cross-biased surcingles.

  • Triple layer system
  • Outer layer of wool and acrylic
  • Middle layer of Therma-Dry
  • Inner layer is moisture wicking
  • Excellent shape retention
  • Front buckle closure
  • Cross-biased surcingles

Item #:BLS4028
Reg. $115.38     SALE: $76.92
Add a pop of personality to your piping with Shedrow's Couture Quilted Cotton Pad.

Add a pop of personality to your piping with Shedrow’s Couture Quilted Cotton Pad. Expertly stitched throughout, this premium saddle pad is quilted to offer ultimate comfort to your mount as you ride. Low profile ¼” thickness makes this pad suitable for use on its own, yet thin enough to pair with a sheepskin or foam pad without being bulky. Patterned binding and coloured piping adds pops of colour to this otherwise traditionally white saddle pad.

  •  ¼” thick
  • Quilted
  • Expertly stitched throughout
  • Patterned piping and coloured binding


This product and its pricing is available online only through POW.

Item #:RIE6747
Reg. $34.61     SALE: $16.92
Leather breastplate features three adjustment points for a custom fit.

Simple and elegant, this leather breastplate is ideal for both the show and schooling ring. Featuring three buckles, this breastplate is highly adjustable for a custom fit. A must have for horses whose saddles often slip back during exercise.

  • Genuine leather
  • Three adjustment points
  • Helps prevent saddles from sliding back

Item #:RIE3344
Reg. $30.76     SALE: $11.53

Exclusively available at Greenhawk! Featuring “In it to Win it” text, this Whoopsie Daisy T-Shirt is perfect for show season. Show off your hard work in or out of the barn with this comfortable, casual, v-neck tee.

  • Comfortable
  • Casual
  • V-Neck Construction
  • “In it to Win it” Text

Item #:DRC8253
Reg. $30.76     SALE: $23.07

Constructed the same as the Freestyle Leash, this collar is created with a stopring and constructed from tear-resistant rope suitable for day to day use. The soft polyamide- nylon and polyamide core allow for a gentle and inviting wear for your K9 especially during everyday use. Particularly hard wearing, this collar is weather proof and durable allowing it to withstand various weather conditions. Additionally, this collar remains individually adjustable to suit the need of your K9. Perfect for training use or as a stylish and everyday item, this freestyle training collar is perfect for multiple occasions.

  • Soft Polyamide- Nylon with Polyamide Core
  • Hard-Wearing
  • Weather-Proof
  • Individually Adjustable
  • Stopring

Item #:DOG1020
Reg. $23.84     SALE: $15.38

Stylish and functional, the Smart Modern Art Leash is constructed of faux leather, which ensures a tear and scrub resistant outer. This leash features a wrist loop for comfort while walking and a swivel end snap for easy attachment to the collar. Additionally, this leash is washable and resistant to heat and cold, making this the perfect option for year round use.

  • Faux Leather
  • Tear & Scrub Resistant
  • Swivel End Snap
  • Washable
  • Resistant to Heat & Cold
  • 11mm x 110cm

Item #:DOG5146
Reg. $15.38     SALE: $11.53
Contoured memory foam girth with spring loaded buckles.

Perfect for the show ring or for everyday schooling with its chafeless, contoured, memory foam construction. The Lettia Memory Foam Click All Purpose Girth features a patented spring-loaded tongue that allows for easy adjustment in or out of the saddle. Complete with soft memory foam inserts for maximum comfort, double elastics at both ends and is 100% washable.

  • Chafeless
  • Contoured
  • Memory Foam Inserts
  • Double Elastic Ends
  • Patented Spring Loaded Tongue
  • 100% Washable

Item #:RIE6814
Reg. $84.61     SALE: $53.84

License Plate Frame - Hunter Princess

Item #:GIF6448
Reg. $9.99     SALE: $6.15

This glove is a high performance 4-layer waterproof winter riding glove with reflective detailing. Created with a waterproof and breathable insert, this glove provides protection to keep you warm and dry as well as reflective detailing for increased visibility while riding on darker days. Constructed with a 3M Thinsulate™ padding, this glove is lightweight while providing good finger feel with the reins. Complete with a shaped hand and fingers for good fit and comfort, a stretch polyester/elastan fabric with a water-repellent finish, soft moisture wicking poly tricot fleece lining for warmth, imitation leather PU riding reinforcements between the fingers and a neoprene cuff for warmth at the wrist.

  • High Performance
  • 4-Layer
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Reflective Detailing
  • 3M Thinsulate Padding
  • Shaped Hand and Fingers
  • Stretch Polyester/Elastan Fabric
  • Soft Moisture Wicking Poly Tricot Fleece Lining

Item #:DRC7472
Reg. $33.07     SALE: $23.07

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