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Grooming Package

Product Code : GRO4515

Sale: $22.21
Reg. $39.48

  • Conveniently packaged and priced, the Grooming Gift package is one of our best sellers. Offering equestrians a variety of grooming tools included in a handy Shedrow ring tote will ensure you keep all of your tools together and tidy.

    Package includes the following:

    • GRO1020 Ring Tote
    • GRO1000 Supra Large Dandy
    • GRO4333 Finishing Brush
    • GRO4350 Plastic Curry
    • GRO4388 Harness Sponge
    • GRO0016 Jelly Scrubber
    • GRO4380 Vinyl Hoof Pick
    • GRO4349 Mane Comb
    • GRO4366 Shedding Blade
    • GRO4468 Goat Hair Face Brush